Monday, October 3, 2011


Jayem Sison 244

It wasn’t Cosmania, it was JayeMANIA!!!

Jayem Sison attended Cosmania 2011 at the SMX Convention center yesterday (October 2, 2011).

The cosplay begins after the jump!

It was not a Sunny Sunday afternoon yesterday, as Typhoon Quiel was leaving Manila. I arrived at the Mall  of Asia filled with excitement because finally, I’ll be able to see the famous Jayem Sison in the flesh.


There was a looong line just for the inspection of bags. Well, that’s better rather than have some killings at the event. Violent! Good thing that I was able to cut the line and get a shorter line! Lucky me!

It sucks that I attended the event alone. I had no one to talk to and no one to help me photograph myself with Jayem. Wah!

Thanks to Pambee, she was the one who told me about the event. I never would have known there was such an event if not for her. :3 Too bad she wasn’t able to make it to the event herself.

As I fell in line, I made sure to be on the lookout for a shirtless creature.

And when I was nearing the SMX entrance, there was a guy in a black jacket with his chest and abs displayed nonchalantly. It was him! It’s JAYEM SISON!!! I let out a quiet (Mariah-ish) whistle. I couldn’t help it!

I immediately readied my digicam to shoot him…

Jayem Sison 207

OMG! I swear he’s drop dead gorgeous. His face, chest and abs were soo camera-friendly.

He was nice. He was with 3 friends (I guess?). I didn’t get to talk to him because I felt weird. LOL!

So I went around and took some pics of some interesting cosplayers…

Jayem Sison 210Jayem Sison 211Jayem Sison 212Jayem Sison 213

Aaawww… Cosplaying is cute, isn’t it? Too bad it kinda bored me so I went Jayem-hunting…

Hey there he is!

My hands got so shaky… Sorry for the blurred pics…

Jayem Sison 216Jayem Sison 217Jayem Sison 218Jayem Sison 219Jayem Sison 220Jayem Sison 221Jayem Sison 222Jayem Sison 223

To be continued…

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