Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Jeff Timmons!!!


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Hunk of the Day: Vinicius

Vinicius 2

Brazilian model Vinicius is the Hunk of the Day.

What surprised me in this picture is that he’s actually wearing a local underwear brand- Bench!

Check out a hotter pic after the jump!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hunk of the Day: Piolo Pascual


May 2012 Men’s health Philippines cover guy Piolo Pascual is the Hunk of the Day.

Men’s Health Philippines is currently celebrating their 7th anniversary that’s why they have Piolo on the cover. Congrats MH!

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Richard Gutierrez is All For Gutz & Glory


Last April 27, all roads lead to SM Mall of Asia. Mallgoers and shoppers has been treated to a day of surprises as Richard Gutierrez unveiled his latest project with Bench, his signature scent Gutz and Glory.

Behind the scene of Gutz and glory deo cologne shoot
In an all-black ensemble, Richard is fixing his cuffs for the camera
Richard is one of the most bankable male stars in the country, given that his TV shows rated well such as Mulawin, Captain Barbell, Zorro and Survivor Philippines while his movies made money in the box-office. He will be seen again in GMA’s latest offering, “Makapiling Kang Muli” pairing him with a new lead, Carla Abellana. Also, he will top bill a new documentary under the same network entitled “Pinoy Adventure”. Richard believes in the saying “no guts, no glory”, so he relies on his ‘guts’ to see room for growth and earn his ‘glory’ at the end of each undertaking.
Richard is getting ready for his next pose

Richard Gutierrez and Bench go a long way back. He is one of the hottest endorsers and one of the very first local celebrities who came out with a scent for Bench. The success of “Gutz & Glory” Eau De Toilette fragrance, which was launched 3 years ago, brought them back together to the drawing board and is proud to announce that “Gutz & Glory “is now available in deo cologne. The cologne version, just like the EDT fragrance, is designed to be a separate day-and-night scent. “Gutz & Glory” deo cologne lasts all day and is an effective protection against unwanted body odor. Richard designed “Gutz” as an airy and incredibly fresh scent, very light thus ideal for daytime use. It has whiffs of aromatic Fougere, a mixture of lavender as top note and base notes of oak moss and coumarin, as well as additional notes of spice and wood. For “Glory”, Richard decided to make the fragrance richer by adding amber and citrus with the aromatic Fougere. Glory shouts for adventure, thus more appropriate when stepping out come nighttime and when someone heads out to paint the town red. Richard’s “Gutz & Glory” deo cologne is an extension of his persona since he was involved in every aspect of the project development. He himself gave directions, selected the fragrance notes and packaging for the two scents.
Stylist fixing the tuxedo shirt as Richard gets groomed for the photoshoot

There is no stopping Richard Gutierrez as he soars to greater heights, whether on or off the screen, he would be giving 100% to achieve success with his guts to attain glory. Richard’s “Gutz & Glory” deo cologne is now available in all Bench stores nationwide and retails at P128.00
Richard is always ready to pose for Bench
Richard and his Glory takes centerstage
Richard all revved up for his Glory
Richard's Gutz is airy and very light scent,ideal for daytime use

This launch has been made possible in cooperation with J. Co Donuts and Coffee- Indonesia’s leading donut company and SMART C, a drink that keeps up with your multi-faceted life.
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Hunk of the Day: Ryan


Mister International 2010 Ryan Terry is the Hunk of the Day.

More pictures after the jump!

Callum Should Change His Name to DJ Superman


How can you avoid not melting at the sight of Hunk of the Month Callum David if he’s looking like that?

Just look at him, if Superman was a DJ, this would be exactly how he’d look like.

As you know, his DJing name is Vinimal which stands for Volta and minimal.

But I strongly believe that he should change his name into something that fits him- DJ Superman!

Well it’s just a suggestion, he can take it or not. :)

photo by Mart Magdangal

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Smooth Side of Enrique

Enrique Jeans

It seems like we can’t get enough of hottie Enrique Nor!

Good thing that photographer Miguel Eduardo sent us his latest photos of Enrique.

I like Miguel’s pictures because it’s simple yet it accentuates the models’ features.

See a more close up shot of enrique after the jump…

Abs Abdelkader with His MH Magazine

Which is better, the cover or the real one???

Spanish model Abdel Abdelkader shows that his physique on the Men's Health Singapore cover is not photoshopped.

I am still not convinced. I think I need to touch those abs again. LOL

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Hunk of the Day: Carlo

Hunk of the day is Pinoy Big Brother Carlo Romero!

Carlo is now ready to get back to work with his modeling agency- IM Agency!

He is really handsome and charming. He's got that sex appeal and his voice is out-of-this-world sexyyy!!!

Like the IM Agency Facebook page for more updates on Carlo.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hunk of the Day: Benjamin Godfre

Yesterday, we changed the blog name from into and it looked like demigods are coming our way!

Benjamin Godfre, the Hunk of the day, has followed us on twitter yesterday (eeeeeep!!!).

Thanks for his equally hot brother, Michael Godfre (@michaelgodfre) who first followed us on Twitter, Benjamin (@benjamingodfre) followed us too!

Two American demigods following us on twitter?!

Something tells us that this change is gonna be sooo good.

Visit Benjamin's websites:

photos from Facebook

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hunk of the Day: Renato

OMG I didn't expect this day to come!

My super crush Brazilian model Renato will be coming back to the Philippines again!

Hopefully, I will be able to meet him this week. :)

Welcome back to the Philippines Renato!!!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Gerard!

Hunk of the day Gerard Sison is celebrating his birthday today!

It was such a coincidence that he has been featured as the Hunk of the Day and it is his birthday. I have no clue that it's his day today cuz we are not Facebook friends at all. Good thing that I checked his Twitter. :)

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Fall in Love Again with Close Up


Everytime you see the Close Up commercial on TV, you can’t help but sing along with Ian Batherson and fall in love with their story.

Every Pinoy already knows Mark (Ian Batherson) and Gaby’s (Valerie Weigmann) kilig story. They met at the Never the Strangers’ concert but Mark didn’t get to know Gab’s complete name so he tried his best to know what it is- even if he had to pretend that he was one of the concert performers!

Here is the longer version of the TVC:

Ian Batherson made every girl swoon in this TVC. With that voice, he should be a recording star!

Valerie Weigmann is just the perfect girl for this video. She is just so pretty – she embodies the modern Pinay: demure and elegant!

And here is the “Moving closer” music video! Prepare to get LSS and kilig!!!

Hottie Ian Batherson is just soo adorable in this video. Valeri Weigmann is soo dreamy and so much in character, you’ll get into the story easily! Their loveteam is just so good! I am pretty sure that they must have a teleserye or even a movie for this!

Kudos to Close Up for giving us another great song. For sure, this will be a classic!

Watch the behind-the-scenes video:

Ian and Valeri are really down-to-earth celebs! They are very much approachable and easy to get along with. Just look at them:

DSCN0191     DSCN0192

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Hunk of the Day: Gerard

The hunk of the day is Fil-Aussie model Gerard Sison.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hunk of the Day: Alex

Before Callum David, super hot Brazilian DJ/model Alex Pain got us spinning with his gorgeous face and to-die-for body! (Just look at that mighty chest!)

Masculine features + gymbod body + great personality = perfect HUNK!

I just wonder when he'll be back in the Philippines again now that DJs are soo in demand.

Come back to the Philippines Alex!!!

More of Alex here.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hunk of the Day: Aaron

Fil-Aussie hunk Aaron Asher is the Hunk of the Day.

Check out more of him here.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Callum is Cosmo's Hunk of the Month for April


Thank you Cosmo for always providing us with the best bachelors ever!

Model/DJ hottie Callum David stole the Binibining Pilipinas show and he's out to steal every girls' hearts with his amazing personality!

04     05

Thanks for his exposure in the Binibining Pilipinas pageant, Callum became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Now, everyone is so eager to know him more.

06     07

Apparently, Callum has been receiving a lot of DJing jobs recently. He has been the DJ for last night Nokia Lumia launch.

09     10

I can smell stardom for Callum! For sure, he’s gonna be busy in the coming days.

14     16

I can still remember my very first encounter with him. It was during last year’s Cosmo bachelor bash. Me and my girl friends were just so happy with the event that we just wanted to stop by outside the building and talk about the incredible experience.

20     21

Everyone was already gone after the show. I recognized the guy going out of the event premise as the DJ. I thought that he was really cute so I took a picture of him.

22     23

I asked what his name was, and he said that it was “Vinimal”. I actually didn’t understand what it was or how you spell his name (because of his accent) so I just tried my luck searching for him on the internet.

24     25

I wasn’t so fortunate to find him anywhere but good thing that Cosmo is there to save the day. I think I found him on the Cosmo website and the rest is history.

26     28

Last month at the Swatch event, he was DJing the event and I asked him if he recognizes me. He said, “Lloydy?”.

29     30

I tried to see if he’s a real good guy by asking him to help me with my school project cuz he’s a computer whiz too (now you know!) and he is! If I just insisted, he would have helped me with it for sure.

32     33

Sometimes, when I post something about him. I would inform him about it, but he ends up saying, “Yeah, I’ve already read it and it was really nice!”. Makes my heart melt.

35     36

With all the attention that Callum is getting, I know that he’ll be so busy for the next months to come. I am just so happy for him. I remember that one down time when he told me about modeling problems in the Philippines (which at that time I didn’t understand yet). I had to be a friend and console him. But look at you now, you’re almost unreachable!

38     39

Here are my advices to my dear Callum, always keep your feet on the ground and LEARN TAGALOG. Hahahaha!

photos from

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