Friday, October 14, 2011

Support Team Socceroo Tomorrow!

Everybody is welcome to watch tomorrow's game at the Rizal Memorial Stadium 2pm in the afternoon. Make sure to cheer for Team Socceroo! Admission is free!

Team Socceroo consists of Daniel Matsunaga, Jake Cuenca, Hideo Muraoka, Alex Pain, Fabio Ide, Zaydan Timpani, Renan Evangelista (OMG I just knew this a few minutes ago), and a few others.

Supposedly, last week was their first game at the Ayala Alabang Country Club. I was wearing a real cute shirt like Zac Efron's though mine was blue and I was wearing a cap. My hair last week was like Zac's too, heehee.

I was all prepped for the game!

It was not easy going there, though. My gosh! I didn't know that Ayala Country club was the territory of the rich. Good thing somehow, I looked that I belong. Chos!

It was hard going there if you didn't have a car. I had to use my Amazing Race abilities to get there. Just imagine what I did! Hahaha! LOL

And then when I arrived, the players at the field didnt look like they were Daniel or Fabio anywhere. i just found out that the game was cancelled. Hahaha! That's what I get for not checking for updates. And I just realized that I didnt have any other contact from team Socceroo then. LOL What a disaster!

But it's ok. It's my fault. I've learned my lesson. Hahaha!

So hopefully by tomorrow, I'll get to watch them with my friends.

OMG I just knew that Renan was Team Socceroo too! I swear I died!

I think that maybe Heart would be there too...

I just wonder how big the crowd's gonna be tomorrow?

Aside from the foreign models, be ready too for the Pinoy cuties!

Gosh. Don't you just love football?

Uuuuyyy... Fabio looks serious... Hahaha!

I am not sure of Paolo Bediones is part of Team Socceroo...

See you all tomorrow!

If you can't come, you can still catch them on TV5 @2pm.

Support Team Socceroo by liking their page!

photo credits: Team Socceroo's Facebook page

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