Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Team Socceroo Wins!!!



Last Sunday was packed with events for me. There’s the Team Socceroo’s game, Bench Fashion show, Fashionissimo, and my sister’s birthday.


It was a bit hard to choose which events I should attend. I had to think and analyze.


Well, I had no invites for Bench fashion show. I have been watching the show for the past 2 years already and was kinda tired of it so I knew I’d scrap it. I didn’t have invites for Fashionissimo as well, although Franco Amian offered me an option, I just have to ditch it. I just decided that I’d have to watch the Socceroo game then celebrate my sister’s birthday.


I told Hideo last Saturday, that it will be my sister’s birthday on the day of the game but I’d still come to support the team. He said that I send his regards to my sister. Sweet.


I kinda wanted to not watch the game because of the venue which was at Ayala Country club. It is located inside an exclusive village wherein tricycles are not allowed to enter. Sushal! I already went there last week and it was hell commuting! Good thing that the team had a busney (a jeepney that has airconditioning) service that made the trip easier.


So I just decided to watch. I was informed that it may be their last game for the UFL so I just have to be there and see it.


The supporters had to meet up at Glorietta. The assembly time was 10am (which was unbelievable considering that the game was at 3pm). I arrived at 10:30 am (Hey I informed them that I’ll be late!) and my friend was furious for being there early when everyone was not. We ate at a nearby resto then finally met the other supporters. I lost track of time then. I think it was already 12 when we finally reached the busney and went off.


The supporters were composed mostly of girls so when we reached ATC and saw the Team, the busney was filled with ear-splitting shrieks! Ugh. I can’t blame them.


So we finally arrived at the Ayala Country club football field at about 2:15 pm. Ooh… Plenty of time to bond with the other supporters and players! Haha! There was a football match going on so the Team Socceroo players were kinda watching.


I’m sorry guys but I just have to interrupt your watching and take a pic first. Hahaha LOL!



That’s Hideo, Daniel, Luciano Stranghetti, and Renan. I was surprised that Luciano was part of the team because he wasn’t there last week.




That’s Alex, Zaydan, Hector and Renan. I thought that Zaydan wouldn’t be able to play because he would be doing the Bench fashion show. But good thing he was still there!


There was a lot of time to waste so me and my friend just took pictures of ourselves for Facebook purposes. Hahaha! It was the perfect opportunity to get new profile pictures!


I noticed later that Fabio and Akihiro weren’t around. I later learned on Twitter that Fabio was still in Boracay. Fabio!


As the team Socceroo players were watching the game, someone from the player has been injured. It was so sweet of Guilherme and Zaydan to help out…




The players are already doing their stretching… I think their bags look cute.




The game is about to start! Renan and Alex were lounging there and I just can’t help but take a picture…




You could tell that Renan was really in a fighting mode in that picture! Hmmm… and Alex is just so adorable in that pose. ;)


Time for team picture-taking!




Here are some of the pictures of the game. I had to grab some pics from photographer friend Johnson Reazon because I don’t take pics while they are playing. It’s just hard to get good pics.


Hideo working the ball…



Zaydan trying to get the ball from the opponent…



After loads of football games that I watched, there are things about it that I still don’t understand. So sometimes I’d just shout things that I hear from others. Haha!


A football game usually last for about 2 hours. So we just sat there cheering for the team. We’d shout every time there’s a goal and stuff. It was hard because the weather was a bit hot that time and I’ve run out of water so me and my friend were really thirsty. But it’s ok, our thirst just vanishes whenever we see the players. LOL!


To cut the story short, Team Socceroo won with a score of 2-1. Guilherme (Daniel’s brother) and Renan scored goals! I can still recall Renan’s reaction when he scored the goal! He was really static!






The team rejoiced for their victory!




The players were madly discussing the game, though we can’t understand them because they’re talking in Portuguese… Haha!




Hideo was very happy. He promised that he’s gonna double his efforts to win. Good job!




Final team talk…




And here’s the best part!


Alex and Renan
















Heart Evangelista and Daniel’s dog dropped by…




Daniel solo




The awesome goalkeeper! He looks good too!




Hideo and Hector




And… Jan! :)




Jan is so humble. I like his accent too. <3




He kinda looks like Nate Burkey of the Azkals, only Jan is cuter!


Congrats Boys!


Team Socceroo will be playing against Internationale FC tonight at UMAK. Good luck, Team Socceroo!


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