Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hunk of the day: Clint Bondad


That guy from the new Smart TVC, Clint Bondad, is the hunk of the day.

I have gotten the chance to meet him after the Bench Rajo Laurel fashion show wherein Clint walked for.

543194_273626176069373_2051863364_n     cel_0288

Looks like 2012 is a good year for Clint. With his new TVC with Smart, everyone wants to know more of him…




For sure, we are definitely gonna see more of Clint!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Markus Ricci graces the cover of DNA magazine

Markus ricci dna

All American Guys model Markus Ricci is the hot cover guy of Aussie magazine DNA.

It is one of the best covers of DNA that I have ever seen so far! Great photo by the amazing Rick Day.

Want another photo?

Check it out after the jump...

Model Alex Hidalgo–robbed by Tam Airlines

alex vega hidalgo

Costa Rican model Alexander Vega Hidalgo worked around the world for two years only to come back to his hometown with nothing.

Alex is a pretty known face in the Philippines as he often appears on TVC's, billboards, and runways. If you need more time familiarizing with Alex, click here.

I heard about this issue of Alex after he came back to Costa Rica and was deeply saddened about it. After more than a month, I was surprised to know that the issue was not resolved yet.

Alex left Manila last April 21, 2012. He passed by Brazil on April 23, 2012 and flew with Tam Airlines going to Costa Rica. When he arrived in Costa Rica, he was surprised that all of his baggage was left in Hong Kong and wasn’t put in the plane.

alex interview
Alex being interviewed by local Costa Rican TV network about the issue
According to Alex, Tam Airlines just wants to pay him 1180 USD as they can’t locate where his baggage is.
I know that this is such a nightmare for Alex. He worked hard for all his important things in his baggage like clothes and stuff which are all very expensive.

If it happened to him, it can happen to us. Let’s all help spread the word to help Alex get his things back.

Please feel free to reblog this post and share to all your friends.

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Philippine Fashion Week twitpics


Philippine Fashion Week was a very tiring week, but thanks to these eye candies, it’s all worth it.

As you all know, I have been so busy last week for PFW that I wasn’t able to blog all week. Well, with all the busyness, I just managed to post real-time on Twitter ( @lloydygaga ) what’s happening and some pics of the models!

Here are all the twitpics that I took during the event. I used PicStory app which is like Instagram for Blackberry. I super love this app, I just hate the watermark. :-/

The above picture is Portuguese model Tierry. I took this photo after we watched the show and he was on his way to his other show.

Here is newbie model Vince. I know this picture doesn’t give him justice because he is just so good-looking in person!


Brent Javier. Ambushed him after the Oxygen fashion show.


I was waiting in line for a show with Gustavo and Enrique, talking about stuff. I was having a good time that I almost forgot to take their pic!


Busy Robbie. It was my first time meeting this guy and it felt like he was a real cool person. Sorry Robbie but I thought that you were kind of an unapproachable person at first, but yeah, I am mistaken. He was ready to take pics with anyone.


Uber crush Marc! Yes, Marc Nelson is my teenage dream. I just can’t get enough of him still everytime I meet this super buff guy.


Carlo Romero was too formal when he came to the fashion week night. Or maybe he just needed a jacket to complete his look? Whatever it is, I still love him whatever he’s wearing or NOT wearing!


Hideo Muraoka! My fashion week won’t be complete without him!!! I knew that SM Men’s Fashion did not have a show this season but good thing that he managed to walk for M Barretto and Frederick Policarpio.


And guess who this guy is.

The first time I asked for his picture, he posed like this and I was like, “Wow, this model is super cool!”. I like him being fun.


It is Clint Bondad! The guy in the new Smart TVC. See? No one would have ever recognized him with the first pic. LOL.

So there. I was looking forward to catch John Spainhour lurking around the SMX but for some reason, I wasn’t able to catch him. Too bad.

Now if only you were following me on Twitter, you have already seen this hot guys last week before anyone else does. So what are you waiting for? Follow me now!!!

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Marco Reyes in the new Smart TVC

marco reyes 2

This TVC has just been released yesterday but it has already been making so much noise!

Life's biggest moments deserve fast, reliable internet. Only from the biggest network. That's why life online should never be on hold.

marco reyes

I wonder what makes it click?

Catriona Gray

First is because of Cat. This beautiful girl from IM Agency looks like a goddess in this tvc. She’s the one every girl hopes to be and every guy’s dream girl. Don’t be fooled if it says “Meg Vargas” on the video.

Second is the storyline. We, the viewers, can very much relate to their story as we use social networking sites more often nowadays with our loved ones.

marco reyes 1

Third is the twist. No one would have ever thought that these lovebirds are in two far places apart! We love surprises.

marco reyes 3

Fourth is because of Marco Reyes! The face, smile, and voice makes us wanna melt! Okay, again, his name is not Marco Reyes as it is just the name of the guy he was portraying in the commercial.

marco reyes 4

Fifth reason is the kiss! OMG. This tvc felt like a movie, almost! We would definitely want to watch this two in a full-length movie. They have good chemistry plus everyone’s hooked already.

Let’s watch the video here:

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Hideo Muraoka for Virtual Plus Jeans


My ultimate fave male model, Hideo Muraoka, poses for Virtual Plus Jeans.

Hideo is just the standard of all male models for me. He’s got the gorgeous face, amazing body, and personality!

(Click on pictures for larger images)








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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hottie male models at the PFW Holiday 2012


The runway demigods are here!

As you know, I have been very busy with the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012. I have been there since day 1 and will try to finish til tomorrow.

I have photographed some hotties myself but those will be blogged later as it is harder to arrange them.

For now, let me show you the hotties of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012.

IM’s Tierry



Jiro Shirakawa








New crush Eirik



image_015     image_048

Unknown cute model


Newbie model Vince


Hotter pics after the jump…

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All-star cast for Penshoppe’s Impact!


The most anticipated show this coming Philippine Fashion Week, Penshoppe’s “Impact”, is making serious noise with their ALL-STAR cast!

Headlining the group is A-list moviestar Zac Efron.

Next is a sexy vampire – Ian Somerhalder!


Billionaire bad boy – Ed Westwick


Queen bee – Leighton Meester


And last but not least, Thai superstar – Mario Maurer!

mario maurer shirtless

Thanks in advance Penshoppe!!!

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Hunk of the day: Joe Jonas


The most handsome Jonas – Joe Jonas, is the Hunk of the day.

Last Thursday (May 17, 2012), I blogged about Joe Jonas coming to the Philippines for a mall tour.

The next day after that, news came out that Joe Jonas will be endorsing retail giant Bench!

So putting them together, Joe Jonas being an endorser of Bench was just an accident. It just so happened that he has a show and the Bench fashion show will take place hours after his Cebu mini-concert. I may be mistaken about this, though.

And yeah, if you noticed, the pic above is not real. That is not Joe’s body.

Here are the real ones…


Joe Jonas

See you, Joe Jonas!!!

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