Friday, January 6, 2012

Dylan Yeandle’s Naughty Twitpic

AiPcty7CAAIoJO_.jpg large

Can you still remember Dylan Yeandle?

Well he’s that hot guy who performed “Sex Bomb” on Australia’s Got Talent last year. I’ve blogged about him on May 20, 2011 (click here for that post) and followed him since then.

I tweeted my old blog post about him and was surprised that he just retweeted it! I didn’t know he was on Twitter!

So basically that’s the story how I found this naughty pic of his.

Wanna see the full picture?

Check it out after the jump!

AiPcty7CAAIoJO_.jpg large


You’re such a tease, Dylan. You know that?

Next time, put your Twitter on your Facebook, okay?

And you need to fulfill your promise to me. ;)

Follow him on Twitter!

Please Follow me on Facebook and Twitter!


Sharing is sexy!

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