Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear Benjamin...

The week before I met you, I was mugged.

My three cellphones, watch and digicam were taken.

I was invited to cover the Behind the scenes of the shoot. It was my first ever shoot so even though I was still traumatized, I didn't have any choice but to attend.

I was introduced first to Hideo but since we sat beside each other, you were so nice to talk to me. It was an amazing experience! I have not thought in my wildest dreams that I'd ever talk to you.

I asked for your picture, but you said, it'll be better if I was with you! I died. I heard that before but it always is so sweet to hear from someone like you.

I tried to use my old digicam though I knew that it wouldn't work. It kinda worked. I just didn't know whether the picture was a little blurred.

After the shoot, you were the first guy I approached for the I <3 Lloydy Gaga pics. I was soo excited that I didn't realized that you were still wearing the suit from the collection. So I wasn't able to publish your pic just yet since I was instructed that the collection shall be published within fashion week. :(

After the shoot, I kept looking at the pics from my digicam. I found out that my pic with you was corrupted! Damn digicam! I felt soo sad. It's not like everyday that one can have a picture with you, right?

I just hope that we meet again so I can have a picture with you.

Your pics will be published within fashion week. I have been itching to post them too!

God knows that you're one of my most fave models.

Can't wait to see you!

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