Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guess Who

Okay, I know who this guy is, I just wanna know if you could recognize him as well.

The first time I glanced on this picture, I wasn't able to recognize him. I was like, "Really? Is it him?"

The hair made him look so different than what he usually looks like. I love the hair BTW!!! It's hot!

So, do you know who he is?

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SM Men's Fashion's Summer Campaign Teaser

Can't wait for Summer!

One of the largest name in Men's Fashion, SM Department Store gives us a glimpse of their Summer 2012 campaign.

The classic white polo shirt never looked so sexy!

From left to right: Zaydan Timpani, Benjamin Tang, Pedro Mologni, and Hideo Muraoka.

And here's for the Boys Teens' Wear:

The teens get Wild, wild West for the Summer!

From left to right: Pedre Dutra, Robson Guaragni, and Nat Kiefer (if I am correct)

I just love Summer!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

“A Trip to Summer” with Piolo Pascual

Piolo Pascual 3

So if it was so hard to get screenshots of other artists in the Bench BTS video, it was just a breeze getting some for Piolo Pascual.

Piolo Pascual 1

Well, he’s got more minutes on the video than anyone else does. I don’t mind, do you?

Piolo Pascual 3

Piolo Pascual 4

Piolo Pascual 2

Piolo Pascual 5


Piolo Pascual 6

Piolo Pascual 7

Piolo Pascual

Screenshots from the Bench Summer 2012 BTS video

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“A Trip to Summer” with Dingdong Dantes


Dingdong Dantes poses for Bench Summer campaign 2012.

We soo miss Dingdong Dantes!

It has been quite a while when we last saw him on telenovelas. Well, he actually appeared in the movie “Segunda Mano” but I didn’t get to see that yet so seeing him on tv (GGV) made me miss him.

I super loved him when he was paired with Regine Velasquez for “I Heart You Pare”!

It’s a good thing that he was given a break because I appreciated him more. You realize how good-looking and talented he really is.

Not to mention that my first love (?) looks a lot like him.

Nice to have you back, Dong!

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Christian Bautista for Bench Summer 2012

Christian Bautista

Screencap from Bench BTS video

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Carl Guevara for Bench Summer 2012

Carl Guevara 2

Carl Guevara sizzles in the Bench Summer 2012 campaign.

Carl Guevara

He’s got that cute baby face and gorgeous body.

Carl Guevara

Carl Guevara 3

Hmmm… Just beautiful!

Screencaps from Bench BTS video

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Aljur Abrenica for Bench Summer 2012

Aljur Abrenica

Screencap from Bench BTS video.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

"A Trip to Summer" BTS by Bench

Here's the official BTS video of Bench's "A Trip to Summer" campaign for 2012.

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Xian Lim for Men's Health Philippines

Lloydy Gaga's Sexiest Man for January, Xian Lim, graces Men's Health Philippines' February cover.

Why not? He's physically fit, extremely talented, and very manly. Not to mention that he's always trending on Twitter because of his "My Binondo Girl" with Kim Chiu.

Personally, I would like to grab this issue because of the 2012 wealth plan.

Guys should also get a copy for fashion tips that will be useful this coming Valentine's Day.

So what are you waiting for? Check your local bookstore for your own copy!

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Benjamin Tang for Bench

Benjamin Tang 4

Here are some of the photos of German-Vietnamese model Benjamin Tang for Bench.

Recently, Bench has released their Official Summer 2012 campaign photos entitled “A Trip to Summer”. Check out more of the new campaign here.

Benjamin Tang 3

It was 2010 when Benjamin became a Bench model. That time, Facebook wasn’t so popular yet. This blog did not exist. Those were the times when it was hard to know a certain model you like. So during this time, a lot of people were asking who that guy on the Bench billboards is.

Benjamin Tang 4

Looking at these pictures, I strongly think that Benjamin should still be one of the faces of Bench. Do you agree?

Benjamin Tang 2

Benjamin is still one of the faces of SM Men’s Fashion.

He is currently touring India. Have a great vacation, Benjamin!

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Benjamin Tang: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Benjamin Tang 3

Lloydy Gaga asked International model Benjamin Tang “Why is it ‘More Fun in the Philippines’?”

“It’s because of the Filipino people. They are very hospitable. Within days, you will know everyone because Pinoys love to introduce themselves.”

He adds, “And with more than 7000 islands to choose from, holiday is always just around the corner.”

I can’t agree more. Filipino hospitality is something we, Filipinos, can be proud of.

Thanks Benjamin!

photo from Bench’s Lost in Summer 2010 campaign

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day! (Part 2)

Since Australia Day is not yet over, the celebration continues!

Above is birthday boy Aaron Asher.

Let's check out other hot Aussies, shall we?

Here's PBB Teen winner James Reid

Model Robbie Becroft

And Singer Chris Cayzer

Thank God for Aussie guys!

Happy Australia Day everyone!!!

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Happy Birthday Aaron!

Cosmo hunk Aaron Asher from Australia is celebrating his birthday today!


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"A Trip to Summer" with Paulo Avelino

Paulo Avelino hotness for Bench Summer 2012. Nuff said.

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Happy Australia Day!!!

Happy Australia Day, mates!

Since it's Australia Day today, let's check out the hot Aussie guys out there... The above guy is Callum David.

Andrew Smith

And our friends from Aussiebum!!!

Again, Happy Australia Day! I love Aussie guys!!!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

“A Trip to Summer” with Aljur Abrenica

Aljur Abrenica for Bench – not shirtless?
Well, it’s just that I’ve been so used to seeing him shirtless in billboards that is why this one is kinda unusual for me. I like the fit of the shirt in Aljur’s body though.
What do you prefer- Aljur clothed or shirtless?
Check out more from the Bench Facebook page.
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“A Trip to Summer” with Richard Gutierrez


Here’s Richard Gutierrez for Bench’s Summer 2012 campaign.


Live Green. Like!

More photos at the Bench Facebook page.

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“A Trip to Summer” with Jake Cuenca

Our favorite part of the year is about to come!
No, I am not talking about the Christmas holidays. I am talking about Summer!
It is MY fave part of the year, next is the Christmas holidays. Hahaha!
Fortunately, Bench just gave us some previews of their Summer 2012 campaign which makes Summer even longer for us! Can you feel the heat now with that photo of Jake?
For a change, Jake is wearing board shorts in this picture which is nice. It looks really comfy.
See more from Bench’s Facebook page.
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Eduardo Esquivel for Onesimus


This morning, I brought my Onesimus barong with me to school because of our folk dance presentation.

It was a busy day but I am glad that it turned out well.

After school, I had to go to SM Department store and this is what I first saw…


It’s Eduardo Esquivel for Onesimus. I have been seeing this picture since about December last year on a billboard in Guadalupe but can’t take a decent photo of it.


His look is making me melt.

And here are pics at the store…



I couldn’t believe that a guy could look smoldering hot wearing barong.

Wanna see more of Eduardo? Click here.

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