Monday, October 10, 2011

Fashionissimo Demigods

Franc Amian and the rest of the Fashionissimo candidates battle it up with this Conceptual shoot!

More of the candidates photos after the jump!

I am really happy with these shots! Great job to Sir Ash for these pictures!

I feel like Fashionissimo is the local male version of ANTM! Of course, Sir Ash is the hot photographer instead of Nigel Barker.

Here are the candidates' photos:

Nelson Banzuela appeared at Gandang Gabi Vice last night...

Who is destined to replace last year's winner, Mr. Mike Elhag?

photography by: Ash Reginald Evasco
grooming: Rey Legarda
styling: Armando Fabia
Production: Circle of Friends and Chu Productions


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