Thursday, February 21, 2013

FIRST & EXCLUSIVE: Stalking male model Mike Stalker

Mike Stalker by Rick Day

It is such an honor to be the very first to interview hot new male model Mike Stalker.

We haven’t seen him with clothes yet, but it looks like this hunk is sexy with a shirt on. Just look at those eyes and lips! Or maybe it’s his Italian lineage…

Mike proves that he is not all muscle, this model’s got brains.

Get to know him more after the jump.

Michael Stalker Fordham

Name: Mike Stalker
Year Born: 1991
Height: 5'10
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: New York City
Contact Info: Twitter- @mikestalker02 Instagram: @mike_stalk

I’m currently 21 years old. Grew up playing Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball in Wall, NJ. I went to St. Benedict's Prep in Newark, NJ for high school where I played soccer for the best team in the country. I am currently a junior at Fordham University where I am on a soccer scholarship. I am in the business school, and a finance major. I’ve held two internships on Wall Street the past two summers.

Mike stalker soccer - DEMIGODS
Mike Stalker is a Soccer superstar

Got introduced to Michael Lyons at Silver Model Management last year. Never really did anything in regards to modeling until this past year, actually had my first shoot with Rick Day in December of 2012, after having a serious talk with my agent saying I can make some good money with this. So i finally decided to do something about it.

Mike Stalker -
Mike Stalker strikes a smile

Shot with Rick Day, then everything started to get busier and I was getting great feedback. Right after shooting with Rick Day, I went to the C-in2 casting, and I got it and now I am currently the face of their new campaign.

Mike Stalker - DEMIGODS (1)

There are actually about 50 posters of me throughout NYC so it is definitely pretty cool being on posters in one of the biggest and greatest cities in the world.

Mike Stalker - DEMIGODS (7)
Mike Stalker's C-in2 posters in NYC

Doing the C-in2 video, which should be coming out soon, was also very cool and I think everyone is going to really enjoy it. It just shows that all the hard work that I have put into working out, exercising, and staying focused is paying off.

Mike Stalker - DEMIGODS (2)

I also have shot with another legendary photographer, Richard Phibbs for Citizen K International fashion magazine, that should be published next month, which was also very cool. So only being in this modeling industry for a couple months now, and shooting with prestigious photographers such as Rick Day and Richard Phibbs has been real great.

Mike Stalker - DEMIGODS (1)

Now I am working with my agency to keep on booking jobs. We are also focusing on getting more into commercial/acting type jobs, that is something I am interested in doing.

Mike Stalker - DEMIGODS 10

Mike Stalker - DEMIGODS (5)

Mike Stalker - DEMIGODS (4)

Mike Stalker - DEMIGODS (3)

We hope to see more of you, Mike!

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