Friday, October 14, 2011

My Azkals Encounter!

Neil Etheridge

Last week, the whole Philippines watched the Azkals vs. Singapore game.

It was not a good game for the Philippines, I know. I just had to watch it because my cousin was playing. The Philippines lost with a score of 2-0 in favor of the Singaporeans.

I don’t know what happened. I am not a real football expert so I can’t say anything on how the Azkals played.

However, I heard from the Azkals fan page that the Azkals would be playing against Nepal here in the Philippines! And the best thing about it was that Kuya would be playing!

So last Sunday, October 9, I messaged him thru Facebook that I wanted to see him play. I got a call afterwards. The connection was bad though, I wasn’t able to hear who was on the other line so I dropped the call. Afterwards, I got a text message from Kuya telling me that he’ll be giving me four tickets!

It was more than ten years since I met Kuya. I was so small back then. He was a real big football player already then.

Monday morning, he texted me saying I could get the tickets at the Sofitel hotel later that night. OMG! I just wished that there’d be a typhoon that night so I could stay with the Azkals! Hahaha!

I also learned that the Azkals would be practicing that night so I decided that I could just watch the practice then head to Sofitel. Too bad, I arrived late at the practice. They were already packing up when I arrived at the field. There were a lot of fans watching at the practice!





After the game, the fans would be asking for pics/authographs…






Anton del Rosario didn’t play because of his injury. He was wearing the same red shirt when I last saw him, though.

Anton Del Rosario

And here’s a blurry pic of him cuz he was rushing…



So I headed to Sofitel. I waited a bit cuz I knew that the Azkals weren’t able to shower after their practice.

A few minutes later though, Neil Etheridge came from nowhere. Fans asking for his picture.


I admit, I was not a fan of his. But I came to meet him face to face and… OMG He’s really cute! And that accent is just soo adorable!!! I was converted!

Now here is Fil-Danish Jerry Lucena…

Jerry Lucena

Jerry with fellow Fil-Danish Dennis Cagara

Jerry Lucena Dennis Cagara

Rob Gier and his fellow Azkal... What's his name?

Rob Gier

I also met James Younghusband, Coach Weiss, Ian Araneta, Chieffy Caligdong and Aly Borromeo. I just forgot to take their solo pics because of the other fans.

I was wishing hard that the rain that night worsen so I’d be forced to stay at the Sofitel. Too bad, it was just drizzling. I got my tickets so I left the hotel afterwards…

I watched the Azkals vs Nepal game with my sisters and we were so happy because we got to watch Kuya and the whole Azkals win!

I was just not too satisfied with my Azkals encounter though. I hope that I could be introduced formally next time. Teehee!

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