Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jayemania: Part 5

Jayem Sison 2

My digicam’s battery died so I had to use my phonecam.

So here’s the last installment for Jayemania!

More pics after the jump…

It was about 7pm already and Jayem and company are still not coming to the main event. I had to go home any time now.

Jayem Sison

His wig is super nice. I wonder where he gets it…

Jayem Sison 2

The above pic is my current phone wallpaper. Teehee!

Jayem Sison 3

Just look at his face. I just love his nose! His whole face is an eye candy.

Jayem Sison 4

I have been so inspired to create a manga because of Jayem. Yes, I’m a cartoonist too! Surprise! Surprise! I just hope that I can do it with all my workloads…

Jayem Sison 5

Jayem Sison 6

Hey what happened? Why was she cut in half? LOL

Jayem Sison 7

The above photo was actually cropped. Even matrona-looking women want to have their pics taken with Jayem! Oops, maybe she was a mom of a cosplayer… Oh well… That’s Jayem’s appeal at work. Hahaha!

Jayem Sison 8

BTW, I was not new at attending Cosplays. I’ve been attending some cosplays before. Once, I just joined an anime-drawing contest at the Megatrade Hall. Poor me, I wasn’t able to finish my drawing! I just hate time-pressure contests! I think it was the 1st Cosplay event in the philippines if I’m not mistaken. I saw the cosplayers and, sorry for this, but they looked funny to me. I just ignored them and minded my drawing.

Jayem Sison 9

Would you like me to draw an anime Jayem? Hmmmm… If you want me to, like my Lloydy Gaga blog page on Facebook. When it reaches 500 likes, I’d be posting my Jayem masterpiece. (Jayem, don’t worry. I won’t destroy your good looks! LOL)

Come on! This would be fun!!!

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