Friday, September 30, 2011

Kyle Amor Videoblogs

Rising singer Kyle Amor clears an issue about his...


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A lot of people have been asking whether Kyle's eye color is actually real. That's actually one thing I've noticed about him, his eyes are brown, something unusual to us Filipinos who normally have dark brown eyes. I just don't think that they're contacts, because like Kyle, Piolo also has hazel eyes. So some people really has those eyes.

Once, I noticed a jeepney driver's eyes which are really magnificent I had to tell him how good his eyes were. And he replied that a lot of people thought they were contacts as well.

I am a constant eye contacts wearer. Yesterday, I wasn't wearing my brown contacts because I was gonna join a race. My classmates almost thought that I was still wearing contacts, though I wasn't. And I was told that my eyes are already beautiful just the way they are. Aaaawww, I just love my friends!

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