Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guess Who: That Cute Convergys Model!

Remember that post about being the New Face of Convergys? If not, click here for that post.

On that post, I mentioned that I like the guy above. I was wondering who he is...

Til I finally knew he was in minutes! I actually met him at the Cosmo Bash!!!

I knew it! I knew it! He's a model!

Can you guess who he is? Clue: You'll be able to find him at MY Cosmo Bash series. I'm pretty sure that he's not anywhere else. I've checked's photo galleries and he wasn't there. This cute model wasn't there to do the ramp or be shirtless!

I have met him after the show, that's what you get for staying til the end of an event. Haha! I am just regretting I didn't take a picture with him. Sigh. He is soo adorable. I wish I could meet him again.

Guess who he is! I'll be posting more of him in the next few days and reveal who he is. ;)

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