Sunday, October 16, 2011

The UFL Games!


What a way to spend the eve of my blog’s 1st year anniversary than to be with the guys on the blog!

Yesterday, I watched the UFL Games at the Rizal Memorial stadium. The first game was Team Socceroo vs. Loyola Meralco FC.

I have invited my friends to watch the game with me. Unfortunately, they were either attending a seminar or suffering from body aches. So in short, I was alone again. Though somewhere in the audience, some of my blog readers were already watching the game.

I was there to support Hideo’s team, Team Socceroo. The team consisted of Hideo Muraoka, Daniel Matsunaga, Fabio Ide, Zaydan Timpani, and Renan Evangelista among others.

I told Hideo that I wouldn’t be able to watch the game at the stadium so he just advised me to watch it on tv. I wasn’t really planning to watch the game but I remembered that I was also attending a friend’s birthday party that night so I just decided to watch the game anyway.

The games started at 2pm. I was late! the game already began when I arrived.


Hideo was already there at the field together with the other Team Socceroo players. He just recently came back from Thailand to shoot a big Asian campaign. Can’t wait to see it!


Team Socceroo was wearing the blue jerseys. The Team Socceroo fans also were wearing blue to show their support. Too bad I didn’t know about the blue shirt thing so I was wearing a shirt with a different color.

Amongst the audience, I was able to spot Ms. Ayen and the SM group, the IM agency models and some other familiar faces.

Team Socceroo played against the Loyola FC which consists of the Younghusband and Hartmann brothers of the Azkals. Ugh.

I really wasn’t able to take good pics of the game. but here are some of the shots I was able to take:






Fabio Ide

Hideo Muraoka






The Brapanese trio: Akihiro Sato, Hideo Muraoka, and Fabio Ide


Just look at the crowd! They are more than the Ican Serve crowd but less than the usual crowd when Azkals play against a different country.



It was hard to concentrate on the game knowing that on your back, some Azkals hotties like Anton del Rosario, Nate Burkey, Armand del Rosario, Yannick Tuason, and others are just passing by. Some of them were even changing using their towels. Wah!

I wasn’t able to approach the IM agency pack because I was just so shy. Good thing that Pedro recognized me and waved. Sigh.

The game against Loyola FC was hard with Phil, James, and the Hartmanns around.

I saw that the next players which was Kaya FC was already doing their stretching on the other side of the field so I came by to take some pics of them too…

They were wearing sleeveless shirts which show their muscled arms! Oh Anton!!!


This game was really worth watching. First you get to see the Brazilian hunks and then after you see the Azkals hotties!

Yannick definitely looks like a teenager but his body is so adonis-like.


Azkals captain Aly Borromeo was also there doing his stretching but Anton made it hard for me to notice…


Next thing I know is that the game is already finished! I had to go back to the bleachers!


Team Socceroo, don’t fret! We know you did your best. It’s just that you played against the country’s best…


I’m torn between Renan and Alex on this picture! Did Alex actually play? I didn’t notice because it is hard to recognize the players on the field, which reminds me to bring binoculars next time.





Fabio being interviewed…



Daniel with his brother, Gui Matsunaga…


Next thing I know, Hideo Muraoka was walking away, shirtless towards the parking lot.

OMG. He can’t go just yet. I have something to give to him!

So I tried to catch up with them… Luckily, they haven’t gone yet!

Hideo Muraoka and Renan Evangelista


I was about to give Hideo my present…

“Renan…” I said.
Oops! I wasn’t supposed to call Renan! It should be Hideo. That tank top is just so distracting. Hahaha!

So I gave Hideo my gift. It was a Green Brazil shirt. He messaged me today saying that he actually changed and wore it though he wasn’t able to find me anywhere.

Daniel Matsunaga


Akihiro Sato said, “Thank you for coming guys”. Oh sure Aki!


How about a solo pic, Hideo?


Model Terence Lloyd passed by to watch too! “McDonald’s”


Renan Evangelista! Though you didn’t play, you’re still the best! (Ok I was informed yesterday that Renan DID play. Hmm... Sorry Renan, I guess I just missed it!)


Taray! Pang-shoot naman yan, Renan! try mo naman tumingin sa cam, pwede?


Gosh. Smoldering hot! Panira lang talaga yung mga nasa likod.

I spotted IM’s Zaydan at the bleachers…



Where’s the rest of the IM people? Where’re Pedro and Robson? And Ms. Paris? Guess they already went home to the model’s apartment…

And then I bumped into Azkals’ Mark Hartmann…


BTW, this is Aki, Hideo, and Fabio’s service… Together with the other Team Socceroo.


Don’t you just love them?

So after the Brazilians went home, I just watched the Kaya FC vs UP team together with 3 blog readers.

Too bad that these Azkals are already learning how to avoid the fans that we only got to see Anton del Rosario and Yannick Tuason.

It was already dark when their game ended. We saw a shirtless guy with a towel on his head. I knew it was Anton! He said he was in a hurry so we weren’t able to get a decent pic of him. Come on Anton, you’re always in a hurry!

Yannick Tuason on the other hand, was also in a hurry. He was shirtless! It was just my cam’s flash fault. For some reason, it didn’t work.


After the game, I went to my friend’s birthday party, got drunk and had a good time.

Such a good way to spend the blog’s 1st year anniversary!

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