Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mauro Lumba @ PFW



At last, I was able to take a picture of Mauro Lumba!


After the SM Fashion Show, I remembered that there’s still a fashion show afterwards so I went to the event and was lucky that it was still ongoing.


I was able to ambush Maui after the show. I think that he was with his manager that time and they were hurrying to go out so I wasn’t able to ask him some questions. Darn!


But I really like his big…


It’s so manly considering that he’s only about nineteen years old.


It’s not the first time I’ve seen Maui, though. I’ve spotted him once at Glorietta and at some fashion shows.


He’s gotten bulkier now than before. :)


I just think that Maui has a bright future in modeling.


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Friday, October 28, 2011

Benjamin Tang Loves Lloydy Gaga!


There you go!

Shucks. I waited soo long to post this picture! And it really feels good. <3

I just wasn’t able to post this before because he was wearing one of the pieces from the collection. After the shoot, I told myself that I couldn’t afford to not have a Benjamin pic so when I had the chance, I grabbed him! Yayyy!!!

Thank you so much Benjamin!

photo credit: Vina Romero

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SM Men’s Show: The After Party!!!





The first-ever SM Men’s fashion show was really the best fashion show for me so far! The SM Men’s team did a wonderful job. Kudos!


What other way to celebrate the show than to have a party right then and there?! Super!


The first guy I was able to ambush was IM’s Pedro! I love his hair and that shirt!




Finally met Kyle Amor in person! He was so surprised to know who I was after taking his picture… Haha! He’s soo cute.




Tylor Perry




DJ/model Jhony




International model Hamed




Super nice guy John




Finally met Abs Abdelkader! I swear he’s one of the nicest guys. We chatted about his recent issue with a taxi driver who almost hit him with a golf club because Abs only paid P100 when the driver asked for P150! “I still love Philippines!” Aaawww… He’s such a sweet guy! He just looks so big and muscular but he really is a cuddly guy.




Jiro Shirakawa




Benjamin Tang!!! We meet again!




Okay that picture has too much light, let’s try that one more time…




So we chatted a bit about stuff. While we were talking, I noticed that there was already a long line of people wanting to take a picture with him. Good thing that Benjamin seemed to not notice. LOL! He’s really nice.


“Tomorrow I’ll be flying back to Malaysia” said Benjamin.

“Aaawww. Oh well, just make sure to update your Twitter more often ok?” I said.

“Sure!” he said.


I just had to let him go to give way to his other fans. :)


Moving along, here’s IM’s Robson. Oops. Is there too much light? Hmm… You’re just too white, Robson. Hahaha!




I was able to stumble upon Hideo Muraoka later on but maybe I forgot to take a solo shot of him. My digicam was dead by this time. So we chatted a bit. He’ll be flying the next day to Thailand for a big Asian campaign and so he wont be able to play for the November 5 Socceroo game.


I also noticed that Renan wasn’t there. Hideo said that he was injured. Waaahh! Renan! What happened to you? Take care and if you need a nurse, I’m always here. Hahaha!


Bumped into James Reid. I dunno if he was alone when I met him but he looked kinda lonely… I wanted to talk to him but… I didn’t have anything to say. Hahaha!




Bumped into Pedro again! I remembered that I need to take a picture of him smiling…

Lloydy: “Pedro can I take a picture of you smiling?”

Pedro: (Laughs) Smiling? Haha ok I’ll smile…




Lloydy: “With teeth!!!”

Pedro: (Laughing) “Haha no teeth!”

He seems shy showing his teeth though I think that they are good.

He then asked me, “So how was the show? Did it bore you because of too many men?”

I was surprised and said, “Are you kidding me? Haha! I loved it because of the men!!!”

We both laughed. :D

Pedro shared that he’ll be leaving by November 15. Sad! but hopefully we’ll still see him again in the future…

Benjamin Tang went out again wearing his own clothes…




I can still remember the last time I saw Benjamin at the PFW. He was there walking with the other models probably hurrying up to the next show. I soo wanted to take a picture with him but I was kinda scared… That time I was still starstruck by him. So I just watched him go. I really can’t believe how things changed now that I can talk to him casually.




I really wanted to take a picture with him but my friend was nowhere to be found. Benjamin automatically gave my phonecam to his assistant, it’s like he read my mind. So I just stood beside him and posed away. Hahaha!


I just didn’t like myself on our picture so I’d need another picture with him in the future. Hahaha!


“Keep on blogging, okay?” Benjamin said.

“Of course!” I happily said.


Though the party wasn’t over yet, I just had to leave to accompany my friend to the van terminal. I had so much fun partying with the people there!


Oh I just love the SM show.


Special thanks to my artist friend Galilee for the photos!


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SM Men’s Fashion Show: Bo Athletics!



Bo Athletics is SM’s official sports wear for men. Read more about Bo Athletics here.


They opened up with an action-inspired fight scene with an onscreen villain…










That last guy was Derek Ramsay!




The crowd went shrieking at the sight of Derek.


I must say that the fights were well-executed! Well done!!!


Jiro Shirakawa has really beefed up! I just think that his chest is too big…



I was surprised to see the Team Socceroo players do the catwalk! I think I wasn’t able to take a picture of them cuz I was so surprised and I just cheered “Yay Team Socceroo!”


The UAAP players were also there…




More to come in the next post!


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