Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jayemania: Part 4

Jayem Sison 267

After my meal, I went back to SMX for more Jayemania madness.

I actually dedicated that meal to Jayem. LOL!!!

More craziness after the jump!

Ever since Jayem Sison started cosplaying, he has already influenced some male cosplayers.

This guy was the shirtless cosplayer who played gray fullbuster one time…

Jayem Sison 262

Then suddenly I bumped into this robot. I thought it’s nice to share, though it has nothing to do with Jayem’s influences.

Jayem Sison 263

And here’s another cosplayer with abs…

Jayem Sison 264

And another one… This guy just made up his own character. Probably he just wanted to showoff his abs too.

Jayem Sison 265

I think that I might have missed some cuties at the event, but that’s ok. I had Jayem.

I had to hunt Jayem among the crowd, which was not really hard…

Jayem Sison 266

Those undies are cute, btw… :3

By then, I was still not taking to him. There’s a lot of reasons why I couldn’t:
1) His fans don’t stop approaching him
2) I was alone, and felt soo shy!
3) I thought Jayem already knew it was me, it’s just that he was just too snobbish to talk to me

Jayem Sison 267

The magic red hand pointing at Jayem’s abs. We are already looking at those all day! I tried to count them everytime… Hahaha!!!

Jayem Sison 268

I just had to go home at 7:30pm cuz my fairy godmother told me so. I really tried to talk to him…

Jayem Sison 270

But maybe, it was just not destined for us to talk yet. I just messaged him on Facebook and told him that it was nice meeting him…

Jayem Sison 271

He replied the next day, “Omg I knew it was you! Why didn’t you talk to me? Kaw talaga Lloydy”
May OMG talaga? Hahaha! I died. I swear, that made me regret that I didn’t talk to him.

Jayem Sison 272

Who knows what might have happened if I did talk to him.

Jayem Sison 269

“You know I can never say no to you, Lloydy. Kaw pa. ;) “ (I died! I’m probably a cat cuz I die a lot of times! haha)

He’s just too sweet. After he said that, crazy things ran into my mind. Hahaha! “Jayem Sison can’t say no to me?”. Like, are you kidding me?

Jayem Sison 269

Thank you, Jayem, for making us proud to be Filipino. Indeed, pure-blooded Pinoys are hot!

I just can’t wait for next week!

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