Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More of the Cosmo Bachelors' Videos!!!

Are you one of those chicks who just can't wait for Cosmo to post the official coverage of the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011?

Well let's relieve your thirst for the bachelors as we refresh our memories of what happened that night.

Here are some of the youtube clips for us to watch!

Check them out after the jump!

Jake Cuenca

The Brazilians!!! Eeeeep!

And the Cosmo Bachelors' highlights!

and here's an up close video taken by a fan as she reaches out for the hunks. Warning: the audio's really bad (because of the shrieking crowd) so make sure to lower your volumes.

Still thirsty?

Well you can always head on to Cosmo.ph for more of the hot bachelors. Let's just hope that the full coverage gets released very soon.

clips by carlopmallo, tonysaikee, and raizee28.

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