Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Battle of the Abs!

Derek Ramsay vs Abs Abdelkader!

The Inquirer website has put up a poll asking who's got the best abs- Derek or Abdel?

I have voted for Abs because he's a friend and a really nice guy! Can you guys all vote for him too, please???

Just click on this link to vote!

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The Deadma Challenge


I am soo addicted to Pinoy Big Brother!!!

I’m just so lucky that my schedule allows me to watch both the Unliday and Unlinight episodes of it. Well, not really every time (because some times I would be missing the Unliday) but most of the times, I am able to watch it. I just wish that the Unlinight would be not soo late (9pm would be great so it’d be done by 10pm- I have classes at 7am).

Today’s Unliday show was about the newly transferred Housemates(HM) to the Unliday house- Mommy Luz and Seichi.

Mommy Luz felt the difference of the two houses on her first day because she was used to the “family” bonding of the Unlinight HM’s whereas in the Unliday house, it’s more of a “brotherly” bonding, as Mark Luz puts it. She was looking for a “father” figure in the Unliday house because in her former house, she was the “mother” figure. But afterwards, she just realized that she just has to know the HM’s one by one by playing a game.

Seichi, on the other hand, was so happy that he got transferred back to the Unliday house! it showed so much because he was so cheerful and more vocal the following day. Seichi revealed that he actually missed Pamu!


OMG! I was so kilig because of his revelation!!! I remember before, Seichi kept on flirting with Jaz (who recently had her Voluntary exit) and treated Pamu just like a normal HM. But Pamu already showed signs of liking Seichi then. And now that Jaz is gone, Seichi realized that he really likes Pamu!!! Eeeep! Sigh. Boys. They love sexy girls but doesn’t really understand that fun and bubbly people like Pamu are the right ones for them. Seichi showed his affection to Pamu by playing with her and kissing her at times.


I think that Seichi and Pamu would make a great couple. They are both funny! Who knows? They might even be the next loveteam after Melai and Jason.

Big Brother then announced that the challenge for the week will be to deadma or ignore random new things around the house. The HM’s prepared for the challenge by practicing to ignore things. I loved how Seichi and Pamu practiced ignoring each other! There were a lot of kilig moments.

The time has come. Big Brother called Seichi first to the confession room and there at the side was a blind barber! Knowing Seichi as the person who reacts too much, I have anticipated a lot of screaming and shouting. But no, he was successful! He really was able to ignore the guy with all the things the barber pretended to do to him- cut his hair, put shaving cream all over his face and stuff. Seichi remained calm and steady the whole time and pretended that the barber wasn’t there the whole time. It was real funny!

Next person to enter the confession room was Pamu. She was giggly the whole time! She was able to ignore the barber but there was a lot of giggling still. Just the same, the barber pretended to cut her hair and put shaving cream on her face and underarms! I was laughing out loud literally! She was hilarious!

Oh I can’t wait for tonight’s Unlinight show!

photos from Seichi’s fan page

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Jericho Rosales for Vantage

Jericho For Vantage 4

JERICHO Rosales continues to shine not only in his constant and steadfast pursuit of artistic excellence but also in his career as one of the top and most credible celebrity product endorsers in the country today. Jericho was recently named by entertainment magazine Yes! as one of the Most Beautiful Celebrities and Top Celebrity Endorsers of 2011 and today, an exciting new product adds up to his list of product endorsements: Vantage Razors!   

Vantage is a brand of safety razors exclusively designed and distributed by Bloomworks Inc., --- a fast-growing company with more than 12 years of expertise in the health & beauty, food and fashion industries in the Philippines. Vantage Razors are manufactured by one of the pioneer razor companies in Brooklyn, New York, USA, which has been in the business for over 135 years.

Vantage Ace 2 Double Bladed Razors are exceptionally designed to provide a keen, smooth shave resulted from aggressive research and development to give men superb quality blades for a closer shave. It also features Dermaglide, a special lubricating strip with aloe vera and vitamin E that reduces razor drag and skin irritation for superior protection and comfort.

Jericho embodies the ideal Vantage Man as he epitomizes the values of hard-work and dedication. It could be said that one of Jericho’s advantages in his career is the confidence that he exudes especially when he is well groomed with a clean shave in doing his work every day.


“I’m so motivated every time I go work with a clean shave! I feel extra confident knowing that I’m well groomed and Vantage really helps in giving me that added excitement knowing that I can do my work confidently and with ease each day,” says Jericho.  His management team, Manila Genesis, has confirmed that Jericho recently agreed to renew his contract with ABS-CBN and he is currently busy with an exciting line-up of projects, which fans can surely look forward to.  The first season of his innovative reality show on ABS-CBN, I Dare You, which he co-hosts with Iya Villana and Melai Cantiveros, recently ended and already ABS-CBN is calling for schedules of Jericho for the second season. Jericho will also return to primetime via the upcoming and much talked about soap Padre de Pamilya where he will star opposite Piolo Pascual, Maricar Reyes, and Christopher De Leon. Darnel Joy Villaflor, who directed the top-rating soap Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, will direct Padre de Pamilya! He is also seen on ASAP Rocks every Sunday where he gets to showcase his hosting, dancing, and singing prowess. With the success of his current full-length award-winning album, Change, under Star Records which turned platinum, Jericho is also working on new materials for his next CD. A thanksgiving concert signaling his 15th anniversary in the business is also in the works.

A multi-awarded actor whose recent works include playing the lead on ABS-CBN’s top-rating primetime series Green Rose opposite Anne Curtis, Jericho explains that one of his future plans is to eventually become a producer/director. “I feel an incredible sense of rush and adrenaline each time I learn something new about the art of filmmaking. I observe the people working behind the camera and I get very inspired by them. I am happy because the process of learning is never-ending and there is so much to explore and learn.”

Fans are also looking forward to see Jericho in the silver screen for an upcoming film, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, directed by Jun Lana, which will be Regal Films' official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival.  He is also set to co-produce and star in an indie film on human trafficking entitled, Alagwa.

With the many blessings that he received this year, Jericho can’t help but to feel grateful for the people who continue to support him.             

“I really feel privileged because I am passionate about what I do and I want to make a difference in other people’s lives through the gifts the Lord has given me. He has blessed me through the many people who continue to support me all these years: my family, ABC-CBN, my friends, my fans, and my team. I’m also very thankful now that I am part of the Vantage family. I will carry on and continue to better my craft. ” says Jericho.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Mario Maurer for Garage Mag!

Thai superstar Mario Maurer lands on the cover of Garage Magazine's December 2011-January 2012 issue! Learn his style secrets, thoughts about his latest retail endorsement deal, and upcoming projects in the Philippines. Also, this edition of Garage is a special Travel issue with lifestyle features from Paris to Jeddah as well as fashion editorial shoots done from New York to Cambodia. These and many more in the only style guide for young guys in the country. Grab the special double issue of Garage Magazine this coming December! Happy Holidays! :)

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Chalk’s 50 Hottest Guys of 2011



Once again, Chalk magazine comes up with their annual list of the hottest guys for this year.

Here are some of my picks from the list:

Alex Castro
After transferring to the Kapamilya network, Alex has been getting good roles and enough exposure.

alex castro

Unknown Guy
Okay I don’t know the name of this guy but, look at him. He’s hot!!!


I’ve watched GGV last night and I just can’t help feeling kilig with their loveteam with Kathryn Bernardo!


Ivan, James, and Bret
Aaawww. These guys are just so cuute!


Neil Coleta
Neil has this energy in him that makes him really adorable.


Terence Lloyd
What’s hot about Terence is that he is fun and nice!


Mark McMahon
I don’t really know if Mark’s still with Azkals, but being an Azkal is hott!

mark mcmahon

Mauro Lumba
I just love Mauro’s face. He is so refreshing. And that teen bod is surely worth watching out for! Hope I could watch any of his basketball games in the future.


Callum David
Model/DJ/Computer Techie/Stocks trader/Superman. Need I say more?


Here’s a preview video of the 50 Hottest Guys! Enjoy.

Chalk Magazine 50 Hottest Guys of 2011 Preview from Raymund Isaac on Vimeo.

Grab a copy of Chalk’s December issue and check out the rest of the hot guys!


Thanks to my Aussie friend who suggested this topic for my blog post. <3

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Happy Birthday Daniel!

Happy Happy Birthday Daniel! Parabens!!!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Alex by Rick Day

Cute face and perfect body!

Great work by Rick Day as always.

I want more of this model.

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Carlos Agassi Now


Ever wondered where Carlos Agassi is now?

He’s one of ASAP’s now defunct boy group “The Hunks”. During The Hunks’ time, he gave meaning to the group’s name. He was the hunkiest guy for me because he already has a defined body compared to Diether, Jericho and Piolo!

So if ever you’re wondering how he looks like now, here he is! He’s still hot as ever.


Can you see those abs? I can safely say that he’s got the most huge abs I’ve ever seen!


I’d still love to see him on TV/movies today, he just needs to skip the rapping stuff.





I just hope that he becomes active in showbiz again…

photos from Facebook

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Meet David Tang


Meet Benjamin Tang’s brother, the equally handsome, David Tang.

David has done modeling stints in the Philippines. He appeared in various commercials. He also modeled for SM Boys Teens’ Wear.


67258_440843315669_634935669_5879926_5529139_n     67258_440843335669_634935669_5879929_1803803_n


327795_10150264118270670_634935669_8215634_2997645_o     328292_10150264117935670_634935669_8215630_5188185_o



More of David after the jump!

Bento? Kumpleto!


Daniel Matsunaga is the new face of Tokyo Tokyo.

Just look at Daniel, he’s soo perfect for Tokyo Tokyo!

The “Bento” tagline has been on my mind since the ad came out so everytime someone says kumpleto, I’d automatically say “Bento? Kumpleto!”. LOL!

I love Tokyo Tokyo. My favorite is the Shrimp Tonkatsu!

I also super love Tokyo Tokyo because of their rice all-you-can. Perfect for guys like me!

I just had to try the Bento meal out. I just can’t resist Daniel’s smile. Hihi!


The Bento meal was really complete. For this one, I have ordered the Pork Tonkatsu meal. It already includes a Miso soup, pork tonkatsu, rice, sauce, veggie side dish, a red iced tea, and dessert!
I had like 3 helpings of rice! Haha! It was really good.

I must say that the veggie side dish made me wanna eat veggies over and over again.

I strongly recommend everyone to try the Bento meals whenever you can!

BTW, I recall (if I am not mistaken) that Heart Evangelista used to be an endorser of Tokyo Tokyo a few years back. If I am right, how nice is it that Heart’s boyfriend is now an endorser of the same brand?

Here’s Daniel’s commercial for Tokyo Tokyo:

LIKE Tokyo Tokyo's Facebook page.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Socceroo Vs. Kaya


It was Team Socceroo’s last game at the UFL.

I really had no plans of going to their game because of some personal reasons, but something made me go there. Read more. ;)

Hideo’s birthday was last Friday. In case you didn’t see it, I made a video for him. Just click here to see it. He was so busy that day because he was in Camsur for the SM show.

Saturday. He thanked me for the video. :) He said that he has a pasalubong for me from Thailand! Weee! So I told him that I’d just probably get it on their next game. Hideo told me that the next game was on Sunday, which was the next day! I really didn’t have a clue so I was surprised.

Thank God that I was able to go to the game!

They were playing against Kaya FC, the football club that consists of Anton Del Rosario (EEEEP!), Armand Del Rosario, Nate Burkey, Yannick Tuason, Aly Borromeo, etc. This football club is real tough!

When I arrived at the field, I just wanna sit at the middle of the bleachers because I didn’t want to take sides. I love Team Socceroo but I love the Azkals too! In the end, I just stayed at the Team Socceroo’s side, where my heart really belongs.

Hideo saw me! He was down at the players’ area while I was up at the bleachers. He shook my hand, chatted a little and went back to practice. He’s really the sweetest guy!

It’s sad that Aki wasn’t there. :(

Fabio is the friendliest guy. He always says “hi” and “Thanks for coming” to the supporters. He never fails to smile.


The team having their last minute meeting and perhaps saying a prayer.

I knew that Kaya is a tough team to beat, but I was still hoping that Socceroo would win.

The first half of the game was good. Team Socceroo played hard and matched Kaya’s level.


The shirtless guy is Jan. Ugh. I wasn’t able to bring my digicam cuz it was with my sister. I need a better cam!


I really like Jan. He’s one of the star players of the team.


Gautier. Such a nice family name! I wonder where he’s from? Mysterious guy, he is.


Oops! There’s Anton!


Gosh I swear it was hard to focus at one guy when you have so many good-looking guys around!

Luciano had an injury…

11202011486     11202011488


11202011490     11202011491

He was able to play again afterwards, don’t worry.

I’m always on the lookout whenever there’s an injured player cuz they might need a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Kidding!


There’s one of my faves, Renan!


Spotted this cute guy from the audience! He looks like a younger Del Rosario brother, if I’m not mistaken.

So the game was over and Kaya won by 2-0. Sad!

I soo wanted to hug the players to console them. Echos!


Renan, look here!


There you go! That’s so much better!


IM’s Robson watched the game with us. He told me Pedro was at home, sleeping. Haha! Pedro is just so cute.


Star player Jan! He should be a model, agree? Book him now!


The ever jolly Fabio! It’s unfair that after all that soil, sweat, and dirt, he still looked fresher than everyone else!


Hey it’s Renan again! I told you he’s one of my faves!


My twin sister Heart Evangelista and Daniel Matsunaga. Yes, the rumors are soo not true!


Big guy Alex Pain!


And Jan! He feels weird being photographed alone so our friend stood beside him. Haha!

Oh my! I wasn’t able to take a solo pic of Hideo? Gosh andami naman kasi nagpapicture sa kanya eh.

He gave me a nice white Bangkok shirt which I truly love! It’s medium sized.

It was the last game of Team Socceroo for this season. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know as well. LOL

It was a fun ride though! Congratulations for making it that far Team Socceroo!

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