Monday, October 3, 2011

Jayemania Part 2

Jayem Sison 246

Cosplay Hunk Jayem Sison graced Cosmania 2011 yesterday playing Kaito from Black Rock Shooter.

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So after the blurred pics, I just had to fix some setting on my cam. There it was, blur reduction! Yaayyy!!!

Finally Jayem went up the stairs to meet the other cosplayers…

Jayem Sison 224

and fans!

Jayem Sison 225

Pitchur! Pitchur!

Jayem Sison 226

Jayem Sison 227

Jayem Sison 228

Okay let me pretend that I am also interested in some other cosplayer… LOL

Jayem Sison 229

Jayem Sison 230

Ok done! Let’s go back to Jayem…

Jayem Sison 231

Jayem Sison 233

When we see Jayem, the first thing we notice is the brilliantly etched abs but I’ve come to admire his chest too. Jayem’s really a workout inspiration. Too bad I didn’t get to see him totally shirtless… I didn’t get to see his strong arms.

Jayem Sison 234

He looks like a true-to-life action figure! Can I take you home? LOL XD I suddenly remembered my old Dragon Ball action figures…

Jayem Sison 235

Oops too many flashes!

Jayem Sison 236

Come on Jayem, werk it!

Jayem Sison 237

Hmmmm… That sword is long…

Jayem Sison 238

Oops. The blur reduction failed…

Jayem Sison 239

Jayem Sison 240

A fan then asks Jayem to sign her photo of him…

Jayem Sison 241


Jayem Sison 242

Some people just make their luck.

Jayem Sison 243

Here he is being ambushed by the paparazzi…

Jayem Sison 243

Let’s take a closer look. Now that’s better!

Jayem Sison 244

View from the top is good too!

Jayem Sison 245

He is unreal.

Jayem Sison 246

To Be Continued…

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