Monday, September 5, 2011

Are You Ready for the Logic Jeans Revolution?

Definitely Yes! for Logic Jeans!!!

This coming Saturday (September 10, 2011), Logic Jeans will be holding their first ever fashion show.

Here's what to expect:

They customize jeans and makes them one of a kind!

Just look at the above photo. I super love that the fly extends a few inches lower below the crotch. It's truly one of a kind!

Here's another style for you to love! Logic really is one creative brand.

As a fresh brand, Logic continues to experiment with new things such as jackets.

I've got to say that CJ is one of their best choices for being the face of Logic. <3

Logic Jeans is one brand the industry has to look out for. I really believe that they have what it takes to be big may it be in the Philippines, or even abroad.

I can't wait for the Logic Jeans Fashion Show!

photos from Facebook/Sir JC/Logic Jeans

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