Monday, September 19, 2011

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011: Part IV


Rocco Nacino, Rodjun Cruz, Lucky Mercado, Mike Elhag and the Roco twins sizzle in this post!

More pics after the jump!

Rocco Nacino wowed the audience with his body and his awesome dance moves… 


Lucky Mercado and Rodjun Cruz performed a duo dance…



Rodjun’s body was bangin’!


Who’s hotter, Lucky Mercado or Rodjun Cruz?


The Roco twins!

The first Roco twin needs a little time at the gym though…

Now here comes a pack of hot bachelors… with Mr. Fashionissimo 2010, Mike Elhag!


Have you spotted anyone you know? I just realized that Mike was with Eugene Tejada and Johnron Tanada!

I was too focused on Mike Elhag the whole time!


Just look at that, my hands were shaking! Haha I wonder why…

The night before the Cosmo Bash, I got to chat with Mike Elhag as he was at the gym, finishing his workout.

He said that he’ll be wearing real skimpy clothes and that he’ll be doing something really sexy! So I just had to wait for that move…

This is Mike’s body. Sorry Mike, I accidentally cut your head because you made my hands so shaky!

OMG just look at those abs!


I said look at those ABS! What are you looking at?!!


So the pack walks back to the main stage, stops, and the lights dimmed as they take off their black bikinis, revealing their tight butts! Then they disappear into the darkness. Ugh. Well, I know that they were actually wearing T-backs that only covers their you-know-what. But still, they were really nice to look at.

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