Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011: The Brazilians!!!


I was soo glad that there was a whole number for Brazilians at the Cosmo Bash!

More pics after the jump!

After my digicam’s battery died, I wasn’t expecting that my friend’s battery would die too! OMG What a disaster! By that time, I think I’ve already lost some walking hunks but also enjoyed the show a bit as I’ve watched them without taking pics. But then, this whole Brazilian number started, and I just couldn’t miss it so I just had to try it out with my phone’s camera!
IM’s Zaydan opened the Brazilian number!


I was not really surprised that Zaydan can dance because I’ve seen a clip on Facebook of him dancing… Teehee!


He’s really a good dancer!

And then IM’s Robson came out dancing as well! Now I’m shocked!


Then IM’s Pedro came out dancing too, OMG!!!


Seeing models dance are quite new to me. Maybe because we’re used to seeing them stand, pose, and walk, right?

I was expecting that Robson and Pedro can dance but, (OMG) I didn’t expect that they can dance really well! (I can put so many OMG’s in this post, I swear!)


I suddenly remembered a Pinoy male model tweeting that there were too many Brazilians at the Cosmo bachelor auditions and that he sarcastically thought that it was for Cosmo Brazil… That was a funny tweet!

Don’t get me wrong here, I super love our local models. My original idea for this blog was actually to promote local models internationally. But I don’t know, maybe it’s just that foreign models are much friendlier and approachable compared to Pinoy models… :-S

That Pinoy model didn’t make it in the Cosmo bash, unfortunately. We’re also no longer friends on Facebook. He deleted me, for unknown reasons. But that’s ok, at  least my Brazilian friends made it. ;)


What’s a Brazilian number without Fabio Ide?


…and Daniel Matsunaga!!!


Here are some grabbed pics from Gerry Katigbak:

Pedro!!! (shrieks! lol)

OMG Renan!!! Waaahh!!! (Screams!!!)

Renan has got to be the male model with the largest pecs at the Cosmo bash...


And here are some grabbed pics from unknown sources:

Where's Aki???

credits to the owners of the photos.

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