Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011: Part Three


Cosmo games, Guess hunks and Jake Cuenca heat up the Cosmo Bash!

More pics after the jump!

So after the Lick condom game, there’s another game for the ladies by Skinwhite!


The ladies have to put Skinwhite lotion all over the men’s bodies while dancing the sexiest they can.


It was one hot game!

There was also a dating game after that. I was busy checking out the Regular area to see if I’d get a better view but then it was already jampacked with people. I was just soo amazed with the feisty Cosmo chick who won the game! She’s something else!!!

Next is the Guess fashion show…


OMG Here comes Abs Abdelkader!

He was well-received by the audience. It felt like he was a Cosmo centerfold!

And here’s Brent Javier. He was fully clothed the first time he walked the runway. Good thing he took the shirt off afterwards!


Then, without any warning, Jake Cuenca appeared on the stage! Nobody expected him to be there so it was a delight to see him!!!


He went out wearing pants, which he later took off!!! Yay!


OM!!! Like, Jake was the ultimate hunk to perfectly embody the Cosmo Bachelor Bash cuz he’s one hot bachelor!!!


I really like Jake because he has the guts to wear skimpy clothes compared to other celebs.


Gosh. The party was just starting but with Jake Cuenca, it already felt like a complete show for me!


Jake… Why are you so sexy?


Don’t you just love the above pic? Jake was right in front of me so I grabbed the opportunity… to take pics of him! Gosh I just realized that I didn’t get to see him face-to-face because of too much picture-taking! Hmm… Now I am thinking of getting someone to do the picture taking for me so I could appreciate the event more. Interested? lol


One thing’s for sure, Jake cuenca left all the audience breathless!

After Jake’s hotness, could there be anything more?

Of course!!!


Sharing is sexy!

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