Friday, September 9, 2011

IM Agency: Not Just an Agency, They're a Family!

I wanted to write the title of this post as 'IM Agency: Not Just an Agency, We're a Family!', but I'm not a part of them so... Teehee!!!

I have been following IM Agency on Facebook for several months now. I've actually blogged about their Model's Apartment, see it here.

They have challenges every week for their fans which is so fun! Right now there isn't any yet because of the jam-packed events like Philippine Fashion Week castings, etc. But those challenges are gonna be back soon so you'd better watch out for them!

BTW, that's IM's Samir, he's one of my faves from IM.

Speaking of faves, here are other models you might like from the IM Agency:

Pedro! He's the guy on the first pic too. What an amazing face!

The Lovable Zaydan! He kinda resembles Ricky Martin. Only hotter!

Brazilian model Robson.

International model Rafael.

Local talent Valerie.

I love how they just have fun and look like a family...

Pedro forcing a smile and Zaydan looking nasty!

Oh I wish I were that green guy! LOL

Zaydan snatching the guard's hat and garrett!

That's Samir and Pretty Ms. Paris. No she's not a model, but she could be one, right? (After I posted this, I was informed that Ms. Paris actually IS a model! Wah!)

Pedro, do you ever smile? XD

Pedro looks adorable in his normal clothes...

Hey there you are! Pedro smiled! I wanna see his pearly whites though.

I can only imagine how cool it is to be in a modeling agency like IM.

I think that one of my dreams is to be in a modeling agency now. Hahaha LOL!

I can't wait to meet the IM Family!

photos from IM.

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