Friday, September 16, 2011

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011: Part II

Who's that hunk?

Check out who it is and see more pics after the jump!


I was just warming up with taking pics with all the hunks around when suddenly, my digicam died! Gosh. I never learn. Good thing my friend has brought his digicam as well.

The show was about to start and I was still going around the booths. I decided to go to the VIP area already and start watching the show.

Me and my friends decided to eat some food first. I snatched a burger and one chicken wing. Kris Lawrence opened the show with a music number. He's hoot! I was just busy eating at the time.

There were no more seats at the VIP area. We were already standing and a bit far away from the stage. Ugh. This is what we get!

So after Kris, out came the Antonov men!

I think these guys pretty much walked the runway... I really can't remember because I was distracted...

I was taking a picture of the men on the runway when I realized who was beside me...

It was Chris Everingham of the Philippine National Rugby team! Waaah!

I automatically clicked the cam when I saw Chris, who just arrived with other Rugby team members, there was a pause... Cause I thought he'd be mad... But he wasn't! He actually smiled!

I tried to go back taking pics... but I can't!

I just had to take a picture of the Philippine Rugby team first!

Okay so that's... Andrew Wolff... and Chris Everingham... I forgot the name of the guy in pink and the other guy with the jacket. Or maybe I don't really know their names... I just realized that I didn't get to know the Philippine Volcanoes yet.

So after that, I had to move on and take pics again.

Out came the Lacoste men!

An then came the Lick men!

They played a game with a few Cosmo chicks wherein the girls would have to find Lick Condoms in the pants of the guys!

I love Cosmo's games! I wanna join them! LOL

I love the first guy, Mark. I had to watch the game so I wasn't able to take pics. Why are there so many guys named "Mark" in the world?

I hate that the girl who was partnered with Mark wasn't able to get any condoms! I should've gotten tons if I were her! Shuxxx

Sigh. I can't move on. Philippine Rugby Team. Why?

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