Friday, September 16, 2011

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011: Part I

It was BEYOND HOT for sure!!!

Two thumbs up to the whole Cosmo team for making an evening like that!!! It was totally one of the best events every year!

It was Cosmo’s 5th time to hold the yearly Cosmo Bachelor Bash and this latest one, if I’m not mistaken, is the best one so far.

More pics after the jump!


This was my second time to attend the Cosmo Bash. Last year, I was at the Regular entrance, but this year, I was so happy to get VIP tickets!

Well it’s no different from the regular entrance. The VIP’s still needs to fall in line like everyone else does. Hmmm… maybe the only difference is that you get to be beside other known people in the VIP area, perhaps.

There were about 3-4 men who kept on whispering to everyone in line asking for extra tickets. They were kinda annoying cuz they look mischievous.
The show was supposed to start at 7pm but we all know that it was not going to happen. We just had to wait for an hour in line for us to enter the World Trade Center.


These two hunks welcomed the people…


Picture picture!!! (models with a random guest)


The Cosmo Wall…

I super love this year’s Cosmo Bash because there were a lot of hunks everywhere compared to last year.
Here’s the Lacoste booth. <3


There’s Kevin Anthony Donnelly, Kris Melendres, Charles Ghareh, and a Brazilian model.

Here’s the Lick booth. They have a banner saying “Get Licked Neophytes!”. I was thrilled to know what happens inside that booth.


Outside the booth, these guys encourages the people to get some Lick condoms…


That’s Franc Amian who’s currently competing for Mr. Fashionissimo 2011.


Other Lick guys…


I asked Mark for a picture but he asked me to get some Lick condoms first. Hmm… I love guys who can make me do things for them.

So later I was asked by Franc to try the Lick initiation. Eeep! OMG! For real?

You know what was running through my mind when I was in the middle of being blindfolded? Ugh!

I just went with the flow and let him blindfold me. I entered the booth to find a hunk in his undies, dancing in front of me. It was good that there were no photos allowed in this booth… Smile

Here’s Comedy Bar’s KC Thadani for San Mig Light.


And here’s Dale Dizon also for San Mig.


Guess booth…


There’s also a booth for PLDT Watchpad. Rich Herrera was there, memorizing his lines. Probably it was for the online subscribers. I just had to interrupt and take a picture with him!!!


More to come in the next posts!

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