Thursday, September 1, 2011

Enchong Dee as Luis Fernando? Really?

When I first knew that ABS-CBN was doing a "Maria La Del Barrio" Pinoy version, I wondered who Luis Fernando will be.

I was able to see maybe all the Thalia telenovelas so I have huge expectations on any other renditions of them.

But when I knew that Enchong Dee was portraying Luis Fernando, I was like "What?!"

I am sorry but just look at the original Luis Fernando:

He is Fernando Colunga.

Ok I will have to cut the story from here... ;)

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Luis Fernando looks more mature in the original Maria La Del Barrio.

The big difference is that, Fernando is so beefy!

And... ehem... so MASCULINE!

Here's a more current pic of Fernando:

He kinda looked like Joe M. of True Blood! I still love him!

Oh well... Maybe ABS really wants their own version of MLDB, right?

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