Monday, September 5, 2011

I Heart Mang Inasal!

Last Saturday, I went to Makati for a Blogger's event.

I had to meetup with my friend cuz I'm borrowing his digicam for the event so we decided to see each other at Mang Inasal @ Ayala MRT.

When I arrived, I was so hungry so I had to order something. My money was P500 so the cashier told me that she doesn't have change yet. I was advised to claim the change later.

Because of the blogger's event, too much excitement and other things running through my mind that time, I forgot about my change the moment I saw my friend. We went straight to our respective destinations.

After everything, I arrived home and wondered I haven't got any money left. I remembered about my change! It was such a hassle cuz I come from a real far place from Makati to just get my change. I wasn't able to go to Makati on Sunday cuz of a family affair.

So just this 2pm, I was able to go there at Ayala MRT to get my change. I didn't have any receipt but it's a good thing that Ms. Sta. Maria, manager at Mang Inasal, was able to give me my change.

I really love Mang Inasal because of their really affordable meals and delicious food. It always makes me feel like I'm in paradise whenever I eat there.

Thanks for the great experience, Mang Inasal!

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