Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hideo Muraoka in Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011!

Hideo Muraoka was the sweetest guy at the Cosmo Bash!

The afternoon before the show, he told me that I've to watch out for his stint at the bash. I was soo excited of what he'll be doing!

All my digicams' batteries are all dead by the time the centerfolds walked the runway... So, sorry Hideo, if I wasn't able to get any pic of you. (Plus, you didn't stop by the right side of the stage where I was at, Hahaha! XD)

Aaaawww... to be that flower is ♥...

Hideo is not just beautiful outside, he's also beautiful inside. :-)

photos from Hideo's Facebook,, and Mark Alvarez photography.

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