Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Volcanoes are Ready To Explode!!!

The Volcanoes are here and they are ready to EXPLODE!

Let's take a look at more of The Volcanoes' lava-hot sexiness after the jump...

When Bench posted the Behind-The-Scenes video of The Philippine Rugby Team, I was on a real hurry. But I just couldn't resist posting it on the blog. In case you didn't catch my first post about them, just click this link for that BTS video.

Here are some screencaps... (click images for bigger pics)

I'm pretty sure that everyone knows about the whole chaos that The Volcanoes' billboards caused Manila, right? If you didn't know, where were you?

Those billboards have already been removed by the Mandaluyong officials after receiving several complaints about the distracting view.

I know I'll be biased here but I'll say it anyway: People will be distracted when they see skin. Maybe the idea of putting those hunks' billboards side by side in one place is a bad idea. It took so much attention. Maybe if they just scattered it all over Manila, I think that it would be ok. Andaming OA sa Manila!!!

Just look at these billboards from other countries...

Here's my hubby Cristiano...

The 1st pic above is Cristiano Ronaldo with Megan Fox. Cristiano is only wearing undies! On the 2nd pic, he wears Armani Jeans.

And now, prepare for Mr. David Beckham...

That's what I call a BIG REVEAL! LOL

Viktoria is one lucky bitch!


Haha! Anyway, my point is, Pinoys should be realistic. If a brand needs to sell pants, then show a model with the pants. If they're selling underwear, then show the models in underwear!

I heard something from the news that, possibly, the next billboards will need a shirt if the brand is selling undies. KILL ME!

Ok... this is getting long.

I'll make another post in the next days. :)

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