Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Peek Into a Model's Apartment

Have you wondered how models live in the Philippines? Where they live?

I have! Tons of times! Teehee!

In this post, let's have a glimpse of a model's apartment from IM Agency.

For those who watch America's Next Top Model, you may recall that often, their model houses are soo fabulous. But I also remember that in one season, the models have to live in a simple apartment. As Tyra said, in reality, models actually live simply. They just live in a room with a bed, laptop, and their portfolios. As we know, models go from country to country to book jobs.

Oh well, IM models are soo lucky then for having this apartment! Look!

Well hello there. Above is the lobby.

Thanks for arriving. You may rest comfortably first, if you may...

(sitting down) Ooohh it's very cozy in here...

I think we're ready to go up now, let's go to the elevators now, shall we? (with an English accent, lol!)

Welcome to our apartment! Here's the hallway...

Nice living room!

(roams around the living room and glances at the window) Ooopss... Where's my car? lol

And here's the kitchen... is there anyone living here at all?

The bedroom is very comfortable as well... Hmmm... I feel sleepy already!

The view from the room is quite good too. :)

Finally, the pool! Yaaayyy!!!

Lucky models indeed right? I'd love to live there!

I'm sure IM models Samir and Andrea (Italy) love their apartment so muuch!

Hope I could visit their apartment in the future... teehee!

Or if any male model out there would like to invite me to their apartment, just send me a message ok? hahaha!

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