Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hues Hot: Bench Body 2011

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That's Mark McMahon.. I almost forgot his name (cuz we're not facebook friends. lol!).

Above photo is David Chua (I'm 75% sure of that haha)

David Chua with a female model.

Paulo Avelino looking so hot in that billboard! He almost looked foreign to me.

Oh my PITS!!!

His Highness. Captain Aly Borromeo is king for me.

I love these pics of Aly but there's another picture of him I've seen at the store that I really want! Bench is soo madamot. Like, in a photoshoot, they have several takes, right? Bench only shares a few to the public. Ugh.

I just hope that they share more. Teehee! :)

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