Friday, July 22, 2011

Hideo Muraoka is Cosmo's July Man on Fire!!!

Better late than never!

I know it's already July 22nd and we've almost missed Hideo being the Hunk of the month for Cosmo. But good thing that I've found out now, right?

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I soo love Cosmo because of their BTS photos. Thank god for Cosmo!

Just look at Hideo's chiseled body! OMG!!!

"Teh, in case mapagod ka, andito lang ako" (Sis, in case you get tired, I'll be here to help you)

Can I have that job please? LOL!!!

What's that you're showing, Hideo? Your tattoo? Let me take a closer look at it. Teehee!

I won't get tired looking at that body...

Men with unbuttoned shirts are just soo sexy!

He sits down for an interview. Hideo sometimes remind me of Bruno Alves.

This is his fave pose. We have a pic with him using this pose. Kilig much!

Aaaawww... Just look at his smile! <faint>

Cosmo also has a video clip for Hideo! Just click on the above pic to get to that link.

Congrats Hideo!

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