Monday, July 4, 2011

Phil Younghusband for Century Tuna

As I've watched the Azkals' game yesterday, a new commercial for Century Tuna has been shown featuring Phil Younghusband, Angel Locsin, and Jay Gonzaga...

Watch the ad and Behind The Scenes Clip after the jump...

That hot nerd is Jay Gonzaga! Click on this link for posts about him.

Oohh... good thing he took that shirt off!

And there's my twin sister, Angel Locsin!

And of course, Mr. Hottie Phil Younghusband! Both wearing cute "Totally Single" shirts.

Shirt or no shirt? Phil looks hot either way.

Phil's tattoo looks uber hot. I wanna touch it! LOL

Ok so let's take a peek at the Behind The Scenes shoot...

And finally, here's the actual finished product! Enjoy!

What a way to be fit and healthy! I am so inspired to get fit!

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Video credits for: acomia and mikahtot.


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