Friday, July 29, 2011

Hotties at the Boardwalk One Big Show!

Rich Herrera looked so hott on that show!

View more of the hotties from the Boardwalk One Big Show after the jump...

Farzam Nasirian

Sassan Shokouhi

Mike Elhag

Unknown guy: add me on Facebook! Now na!

Gerard Sison

Rodel Felicidario

Derek Ramsay

Kris Melendres

Victor "The Chest" Aliwalas

2nd Unknown Model: add me!!! LOL

Hot Bod. Unknown model rin.

Kris Melendres. Again!

Jake Cuenca in "Galit" LOL!

Alvin Aguilar

Rich Herrera. Delicious! He was my fave that night.

Alex Pain! His look always makes me jump. He's mesmerizing.

photos from Ojie Paloma.

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