Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mark Alain Spotted @ Bed!

So as I have posted on my Facebook page last Saturday, I went partying @ Bed Manila.

And yes, I have spotted Mark Alain, a new balladeer on the rise!

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I went to my friend's condo first then off we went to Malate.

I have heard from some gay guys i know that they haven't gone to Malate. I mean "partied" in Malate. Gosh. If you're a gay guy and you haven't partied in Malate, you're missing half of your life literally!

We had to wait for another friend who was celebrating his birthday that day.

After like 30 minutes, finally, our friend arrived with his fling.

So we hurriedly went to enter Bed.

Bed is the only place I ever go to in Malate. I dunno why.

Maybe because of the afams! I remeber that night, this caucasian guy showed his white dick to me. Ugh. Haha that's the first white dick I ever saw in real life. It was not big cuz it's not aroused. Anyway, I didn't do anything cuz he's not my type. (Choosy?!)

Just look at these tempting banners at their site:

I'm loving the themes! So far I've only experienced the Dark room where you get to dance with the lights off... Well, there's occassional dance lights.

I'd like to try the peep show and (OMG) some Sportsmen!!!

Anyway, so me and my friends were there dancing and drinking when I saw a familiar face. He stood out from the crowd. It was Mark Alain!!!

In case you don't know him, he's the one who sang "Maghihintay"... Which is this song:

Mark Alain really looks good in person. He's a boyfriend-type of guy. Teehee!

I wondered why was he there? At Bed Manila, of all places!

He said that he was there because of a friend who was celebrating his birthday. Ok. Gets. :) Whew!

Mark Alain is so nice pa. It felt like I was just talking with an old friend. He just needs to work out more. I felt his body a bit kasi and parang I had more muscles haha! (Shux I'm starting to speak Taglish na hahaa LOL!)

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