Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mark Whittington is Back!

Mark Whittington is back with a vengeance!

He is hotter and meatier!!!

View more pics after the jump!

WARNING: Not Safe For Work

Mark Whittington first came to the Philippines last year and he took it by storm!

Everyone was mesmerized with his bad boy look and inked body. His look was different from the usual male model, and that's how he stood out.

I just lost track of him when suddenly, I'm not getting his posts on Facebook. Oh well... that happens.

And so I thought that he went back to Australia. Well, I dunno. I just didn't know exactly what happened. He just disappeared for a while.

And now, here he is! (Prepare to drool!!!)

I am loving his new meaty body!

I am still loving his tats... and most of all... his bulge! OMG

photos from Mark Whittington's Facebook page.

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