Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wiz Ko Lang...

Will a celebrity do things without the camera rolling?

Will Marian Rivera help a sick girl without writing in Wish Ko Lang?

Are you wondering the same thing?

If no one wrote a letter to Wish Ko Lang, say, if the person wrote directly to Marian, will she respond?

We know for sure that Gerald Anderson became a hero last Ondoy, saving a neighbor from the deathly flood...

Aaawww... that's why I love Gerald soo much.

But you know what, I don't think most celebs are like Gerald. I don't think that they can do things without the camera rolling.

I loved "Wow Mali" before because they had a segment when they 'punk' a celebrity. And from there, you will know how a celebrity actually reacts to a certain situation. You will know if a celeb is true or fake. Oh, it brings so much memories of the show...

Maybe that's why I don't like celebs that much. They think they're gods. Ok... I am ranting now... I need to stop it.

Hey maybe that's a good idea. I suggest to those local TV networks to put up a TV show to prank celebrities, like "Punk'd" of Ashton Kutcher. That will be a hit, for sure.


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