Friday, June 17, 2011

IMPORTED: Abs Abdelkader

Friday June 17, 2011

I've been wanting to blog about Abs for a month now. But for some reason, I always forget to do so.

Wanna see more of him?

Abs has been modeling in the Philippines currently for SM Men's Fashion and Memo.

He's been visible last Philippine Fashion Week. That's where I actually noticed him.

Here's a bit of info about Abs:

--Abs Abdelkader was born in Melilla (Spain) his parents are from Morocco, he was a military in Zaragoza where he lived for 2 years and when he started his career in modeling doing competition of Mister Spain representing Mister Zaragoza 2007, now he is a professional model and still in Asia for 9 months already. Next destination: Spain, Mexico, Milan, Dubai and India.
 --Sports: run, kick boxing, gym ...
--language: Spanish, arabic, catalan, portugues, inglish and littel chinese.
--Hobbies: Learning languages, meeting people, playing sports, reading, walking, travel...

Now, Abs, can you take your shirt for all my readers to see?

Do you still need to think about it?

Okay here you go, some skin will do...

OMG!!! Abs! You have abs!!! There's 8 of them!

I just love men with this pose... Touching their lips... It's very seductive. Shuxxx

Ok... I'm warning everyone... The next pics are going to be really hot!!! (NSFW)

Nice shot! Love everything about this photo!

Simple shot yet it shows the great physique! He's name wouldn't be Abs for nothing, right? Wait, is that a kissmark on the left nip? omgggg!!!

One can never go wrong with those CK underwear... Ugh!

Abs has strong features thanks to his Spanish-Iranian ancestry. The mix turned out very well!

Ok... stop doing that! OMGeeee!

Okay... I guess that's too much hotness for today... Oh it's lunch already! But I feel very full already haha lol

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