Thursday, June 30, 2011

Azkals for Cortal

I watched the Azkals game last night against Sri Lanka and this ad was shown every commercial break. I'm not complaining!!!

Check out the hot ad after the jump...

I really believe that Anton Del Rosario is the best-looking guy among the pack! (Next hottest is my cousin, of course).

Here we see a sneak peek of what the Azkals look like in their locker rooms... Shuxxx!

Anton's chest looks so yummy here! :P


And yes, Neil Etheridge and Aly Borromeo was there too...

I soo love these tight-fitting jerseys! If they'd only actually use these on their games, I'm sure the opponents will be distracted! LOL

In this last shot of the whole team, you really cant see their faces. But I can recognize Aly, Neil and Anton in the middle... They kinda look like superheroes, right? Those bods are like steel...

And finally, here's the actual ad... Enjoy!

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