Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!

Let us all give our dads the appreciation they deserve today.
In honor of this day, let’s take a look at some of the hottest daddies there is, shall we?

He used to be one of my childhood crushes. He has the perfect face and chiseled body. I‘ve fallen for him in Jerry Maguire.

If Tom was my childhood crush, it was the opposite for Brad. I’ve grown when everyone was loving him, and I was wondering why. I honestly didn’t find him handsome. He was just plain to me. But now, I finally know why. He is really handsome and sexy.

Aga is everyone’s dream boy. I’ve fallen for him more than I did with Tom. I would even dream that Aga would come by our house and sleep as a visitor. Ok, maybe those are fantasies… He surprised everyone with his incredible abs a few years back, and I went gaga again over him. But, ugh, he wasn’t able to maintain that figure unfortunately.

Piolo is the modern Aga Muhlach for me. Maybe I wasn’t that crazy over Piolo as I was with Aga before, but that maybe because I was just a kid. Piolo Pascual is just pure hotness.

My current obssession! He’s actually everyone’s obssession, right? Hideo is a very nice person. He definitely has a masculine face and to-die-for bod!

To all the dads out there and to my hunky BFf, may you continue to be responsible fathers to your child/children. Happy Father’s Day to you!!!


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