Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm Falling for Piero Vergara!!!

Yesterday, I was listening to the radio (@Wave 89.1). I was at the gym that time, working out. I was really enjoying the songs til the DJ said that Piero will be visiting the show!

So after I worked out and did some errands, I actually tuned in to the station just to hear him sing!

Hmmm... you know what? Before, I just notice him on tv maybe a couple times only. I actually thought that he was from Philippine Idol, turns out he came from Starstruck!

I noticed him in ABS-CBN's Mutya and was surprised that he became a Kapamilya.

Oh ok... so he was from the Starstruck batch where Ian Batherson was! Kaya pala I didn't notice him that much. It's Ian Batherson's fault!

Going back to Piero, was able to catch him on the radio show.

He can really speak English well, and his voice is... soooo... sexy. <Faint!>

His speaking voice alone made me melt, so when he actually sang, I turned into vapor! That's how hot it was!

He can sing really well! His voice is very masculine. No arte.

I just wish that I was able to record the whole thing. Sigh.

I think I wanna fall deeper into him...

Come with me and fall in love with Piero @ his Facebook page here.

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