Saturday, June 4, 2011

Marlon Stockinger For Globe Tattoo

International Car Race Champ Marlon Stockinger is the newest endorser of Globe Tattoo.

Okay I see now why they got Marlon for this product. Wow, 10 Mbps for a Globe Tattoo Stick? That's pretty big, right?

I was interested with the product. Considering that I will be probably using my laptop at school and my current Globe Tattoo stick is just giving me a decent speed (about less than 1mbps) and I have to go outside the house to get a signal.

BTW, Good job to Globe for picking Marlon for this ad. It fits him really well.

Gosh. His good looks is just breath taking. Sigh.

Going back, I tried to research on the product more...

You can only get it thru Globe Postpaid. I think for me, 2mbps would be fine.

But judging by the review I got from, I was kinda apprehensive about it. They did not actually post the speed test results that they've got. So that left me with doubts about the product.

Watch Marlon's world-class ad

To get more info about this product, go here.

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