Monday, November 7, 2011

Who's Hotter: Joe or Nick Jonas???

Joe Jonas just posted this pic on his Facebook personal profile and asked the fans who is hotter: him or Nick?

Okay so maybe you're asking why the heck was I able to see his wall post? Well we are not friends but he has enabled fans to subscribe to his posts! Now that is really amazing isn't it? I feel that Twitter may be saying goodbye  because of this subscription thing.

Joe said, "if u think "Nick" Just "LIKE" this picture
and if you think its me Just "COMMENT on it............... :D
thanks :')
we love you all♥
but you cant choose both"
I remember a few years back that you rarely see this brothers shirtless! Well the time has come! Yayyy!!!
Who do you think I've voted for?
Of course Joe!!! I <3 him!!!
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