Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finesse: I’ll Take Care of You



I remember Finesse as my aunt’s fave shampoo back in the day.


Now, Finesse is relaunching their products to the market! I must say that they know how to sell their products very well… ;)


I have been invited to cover the event held by Finesse. I was really expecting to see the Philippine rugby players but it turned out that Andrew Wolff was the only player we’ll get to see. Oh well…




The event was held at a call center somewhere in QC. So that’s the reason why the event was soo late! It started about 12:30am.




They prepared the shampoos and wash area for people to try the products out. For some reason, I didn’t get to try it out, which was ok. I’d just try it out on my own next time…


It’s funny that the guy on Finesse’ posters is quite familiar. I’ve seen him at the Cosmo Bachelor bash.


Hunky model Kush was there!




Kush, another guy and a girl kept us company while still waiting for Andrew Wolff. We signed up some stuff from them and liked the Finesses facebook page.


Finally Andrew arrives with Marketing Director of Finesse. The discussion started…




Finesse has been repackaged. The bottle and its color has already changed for the younger generation.




Andrew listens quietly as the Marketing director tackles about the new Finesse…




At the first sight of the Finesse posters, you’ll see a hunk with a long hair. So my first impression was that Finesses already has a line of shampoo for men. But this has been cleared by the marketing director. Basically, the reason for the hunk is that he will be the representation of Finesse, a muscular guy who will take care of your hair. Oh my! Girls and some boys would definitely love that idea!




Although Finesse doesn’t have an exclusive line for men yet, the current shampoo and conditioner can be used by men. Andrew shares that he already used the shampoo and conditioner, “It smells great!”




Finesse has a shampoo, conditioner, mousse and hairspray. It has a self-adjusting capability which automatically gives your hair the nutrients it needs.




You can just imagine Finesse as Andrew Wolff, a beefy guy who’ll take care of your hair…




Come on Andrew, Flex those muscles!




Andrew was my crush before. He is really big and muscular!




The only product I used was the Finesse mousse which I used for the SM Men’s Fashion show the following day. I super love that it really held my hair nicely the whole night! And yes, Andrew, it does smell good!

Thank you very much Finesse!


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