Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Socceroo Vs. Kaya


It was Team Socceroo’s last game at the UFL.

I really had no plans of going to their game because of some personal reasons, but something made me go there. Read more. ;)

Hideo’s birthday was last Friday. In case you didn’t see it, I made a video for him. Just click here to see it. He was so busy that day because he was in Camsur for the SM show.

Saturday. He thanked me for the video. :) He said that he has a pasalubong for me from Thailand! Weee! So I told him that I’d just probably get it on their next game. Hideo told me that the next game was on Sunday, which was the next day! I really didn’t have a clue so I was surprised.

Thank God that I was able to go to the game!

They were playing against Kaya FC, the football club that consists of Anton Del Rosario (EEEEP!), Armand Del Rosario, Nate Burkey, Yannick Tuason, Aly Borromeo, etc. This football club is real tough!

When I arrived at the field, I just wanna sit at the middle of the bleachers because I didn’t want to take sides. I love Team Socceroo but I love the Azkals too! In the end, I just stayed at the Team Socceroo’s side, where my heart really belongs.

Hideo saw me! He was down at the players’ area while I was up at the bleachers. He shook my hand, chatted a little and went back to practice. He’s really the sweetest guy!

It’s sad that Aki wasn’t there. :(

Fabio is the friendliest guy. He always says “hi” and “Thanks for coming” to the supporters. He never fails to smile.


The team having their last minute meeting and perhaps saying a prayer.

I knew that Kaya is a tough team to beat, but I was still hoping that Socceroo would win.

The first half of the game was good. Team Socceroo played hard and matched Kaya’s level.


The shirtless guy is Jan. Ugh. I wasn’t able to bring my digicam cuz it was with my sister. I need a better cam!


I really like Jan. He’s one of the star players of the team.


Gautier. Such a nice family name! I wonder where he’s from? Mysterious guy, he is.


Oops! There’s Anton!


Gosh I swear it was hard to focus at one guy when you have so many good-looking guys around!

Luciano had an injury…

11202011486     11202011488


11202011490     11202011491

He was able to play again afterwards, don’t worry.

I’m always on the lookout whenever there’s an injured player cuz they might need a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Kidding!


There’s one of my faves, Renan!


Spotted this cute guy from the audience! He looks like a younger Del Rosario brother, if I’m not mistaken.

So the game was over and Kaya won by 2-0. Sad!

I soo wanted to hug the players to console them. Echos!


Renan, look here!


There you go! That’s so much better!


IM’s Robson watched the game with us. He told me Pedro was at home, sleeping. Haha! Pedro is just so cute.


Star player Jan! He should be a model, agree? Book him now!


The ever jolly Fabio! It’s unfair that after all that soil, sweat, and dirt, he still looked fresher than everyone else!


Hey it’s Renan again! I told you he’s one of my faves!


My twin sister Heart Evangelista and Daniel Matsunaga. Yes, the rumors are soo not true!


Big guy Alex Pain!


And Jan! He feels weird being photographed alone so our friend stood beside him. Haha!

Oh my! I wasn’t able to take a solo pic of Hideo? Gosh andami naman kasi nagpapicture sa kanya eh.

He gave me a nice white Bangkok shirt which I truly love! It’s medium sized.

It was the last game of Team Socceroo for this season. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know as well. LOL

It was a fun ride though! Congratulations for making it that far Team Socceroo!

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