Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Deadma Challenge


I am soo addicted to Pinoy Big Brother!!!

I’m just so lucky that my schedule allows me to watch both the Unliday and Unlinight episodes of it. Well, not really every time (because some times I would be missing the Unliday) but most of the times, I am able to watch it. I just wish that the Unlinight would be not soo late (9pm would be great so it’d be done by 10pm- I have classes at 7am).

Today’s Unliday show was about the newly transferred Housemates(HM) to the Unliday house- Mommy Luz and Seichi.

Mommy Luz felt the difference of the two houses on her first day because she was used to the “family” bonding of the Unlinight HM’s whereas in the Unliday house, it’s more of a “brotherly” bonding, as Mark Luz puts it. She was looking for a “father” figure in the Unliday house because in her former house, she was the “mother” figure. But afterwards, she just realized that she just has to know the HM’s one by one by playing a game.

Seichi, on the other hand, was so happy that he got transferred back to the Unliday house! it showed so much because he was so cheerful and more vocal the following day. Seichi revealed that he actually missed Pamu!


OMG! I was so kilig because of his revelation!!! I remember before, Seichi kept on flirting with Jaz (who recently had her Voluntary exit) and treated Pamu just like a normal HM. But Pamu already showed signs of liking Seichi then. And now that Jaz is gone, Seichi realized that he really likes Pamu!!! Eeeep! Sigh. Boys. They love sexy girls but doesn’t really understand that fun and bubbly people like Pamu are the right ones for them. Seichi showed his affection to Pamu by playing with her and kissing her at times.


I think that Seichi and Pamu would make a great couple. They are both funny! Who knows? They might even be the next loveteam after Melai and Jason.

Big Brother then announced that the challenge for the week will be to deadma or ignore random new things around the house. The HM’s prepared for the challenge by practicing to ignore things. I loved how Seichi and Pamu practiced ignoring each other! There were a lot of kilig moments.

The time has come. Big Brother called Seichi first to the confession room and there at the side was a blind barber! Knowing Seichi as the person who reacts too much, I have anticipated a lot of screaming and shouting. But no, he was successful! He really was able to ignore the guy with all the things the barber pretended to do to him- cut his hair, put shaving cream all over his face and stuff. Seichi remained calm and steady the whole time and pretended that the barber wasn’t there the whole time. It was real funny!

Next person to enter the confession room was Pamu. She was giggly the whole time! She was able to ignore the barber but there was a lot of giggling still. Just the same, the barber pretended to cut her hair and put shaving cream on her face and underarms! I was laughing out loud literally! She was hilarious!

Oh I can’t wait for tonight’s Unlinight show!

photos from Seichi’s fan page

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