Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Wishlist #1: Internet Connection


First of all, this is just my own wishlist and one by one, hopefully, I’ll be able to fulfill them for myself before Christmas!


As a blogger, one of the basic things that I need is an internet connection.


Yeah. I know what you’re thinking. Yup I really don’t have an internet connection at home. That really sucks. Well, surprise surprise! We’re here in the Philippines and I guess I am one of those guys who can’t afford my own broadband.


So how were you able to blog all this time?

Two things- Free wifi and internet shops! :)

We Pinoys are so resourceful that we can find ways just to do what we love to do, agree?


The problem here in our location is that the only broadband connection that can reach us is Smart/Globe broadband. Bundok? Hahaha! Not really. I just don’t know why but that’s the way it is. I was hoping to have PLDT or Sky but it seems that they don’t have service here yet.


Now if I’d be realistic of what I could really afford right now as a student, my choice is one of those plugin broadbands. Right now I have already tried Globe tattoo and the speed is really like dial-up connection. It’s good enough for you to check your Facebook notifications because you really can’t do anything with it. In the last few weeks, I have also tried the Sun broadband and I was amazed with its speed! I works perfectly the way I wanted it. So Sun broadband is really my choice now. I also love that they have unlimited plans that is soo affordable! You can surf-all-you-want for as low as P100!!!


I haven’t tried a Smart Bro plugin though because I don’t have any plugin device or know anyone who does.


After the blog’s 1st year anniversary, it’s just right to go another level. I realized that being a blogger isn’t that easy after all. Now, it feels like I’m playing Diner Dash only instead of building a resto, I am building a blogging empire!


Slowly but surely, I am inspired to make everything come true by Christmas!


I really hope that I could get an internet connection for myself but if any sponsor is reading right now, I’m also accepting gifts! My contact details are just here on my blog. :)


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