Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SM Men’s Fashion Freebies



I have invited my friends to the SM Men’s Fashion show, and the first thing they ask me is “May freebies ba”?


Like, I don’t get it. What freebies were they expecting?


So just to show you guys what the freebies are, this is it!


Enclosed inside the black SM Men’s envelope are 2 SM Men’s catalogue, 1 SM Men’s shoes catalog, 1 Philippine Fashion Week show schedule booklet, and a L’Oreal moisturizing gel.




There’s also a L’Oreal for men moisturizing gel.


For me, being invited in an exclusive show like SM Men’s show is already something huge! Not all people get invited in that event so whether they have freebies or not, I’d still go attend it.



Those are the invites from SM. Of all the friends that I invited, only one came. Sad.


BTW I almost forgot. That black envelope has a story. After the fashion show that night, I ate first at a resto near our place then headed to my friend’s apartment to sleep. The next day when I woke up, I immediately ate breakfast so I could go home. My place is two hours away from Manila. I was able to go home safely but realized later that night that I’ve left my tank top and the black envelope in Makati! My friend told me that the tank top was at her place but the envelope wasn’t. So I asked her if she could go to the resto to check but she can’t go there. I just went there again next day just to get my tank top and luckily the resto still has the black envelope. Ugh.


I just treasure stuff like these. Hahaha! I still have last season’s catalogs and those cute black bags too.




Freebies shouldn’t be the reason why you should come to an event. They are something that you don’t really expect to receive. That’s the way I look at them.

It always surprises me that there are freebies and it makes the experience magical.


Thank you SM Men’s Fashion!


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